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Amber jewelry specialists Powells Owls announce new ownership

September 25, 2017

Amber Teething NEcklacePowells Owls, an e-commerce and wholesale business selling a wide range of for children and adults announced today a change in ownership. Launched in 2015, Powells Owls has become a market leader in the sale of amber jewelry and is known for its dedication to bringing teething babies relief without the use of drugs or ointments.

New owners Oliver Lewis and Gavin Redelman, both former graduates of the University of Colorado, had seen first-hand the soothing effects and positive results that amber jewelry can provide. As a new father, I came across the as an alternative to medicine for my young daughter. Immediately, I began to see a difference in her mood and behavior thanks to the release of the succinic acid that is naturally contained within the amber. With the success that Oliver had seen with the Baltic jewelry, he urged Gavin to try the adult bracelet on his wrist as Gavin had been suffering hand and wrist pain for months. When Oliver urged me to try the adult amber bracelet I was skeptical of course, however since I had tried so many different types of medicine and ointments I was happy to try an all-natural remedy for pain relief. Within 3-5 days, I began to feel considerably better and best of all was not taking muscle relaxers to relieve the pain.

As luck would have it, Oliver and Gavin were both looking to leave their corporate jobs and contacted a business broker to assist them with potentially finding a business to buy. After several months of looking at different businesses, the broker presented them with an opportunity to purchase a business that specialized in amber jewelry. Oliver and Gavin knew instantly that this was the business for them. Having personally seen the positive effects from the succinic acid - the active ingredient in Baltic Amber - and the positive influence on the human body, I knew this was a product I could be passionate about, Oliver said. Gavin too knew it was a great fit and as a proponent of healthy living he knew it was something he could put his name behind. What I love most about Baltic amber is that it offers a natural, drug-free alternative to the relief of teething pain in children and a variety of positive influence on the human body for adults.

About Powells Owls:

Launched in 2015, Powells Owls is an e-commerce and wholesale business focused on selling a wide range of amber jewelry for children and adults. Sourced from the Baltic region and lab tested in the USA, the companys amber teething necklace, amber teething bracelet and amber teething anklet have been sold worldwide, and its best sellers have seen incredible reviews through its Powells Owls Amazon Storefront and direct through the companys website.