Baby Teething Mitten

Powell's Owls Launch New Baby Teething Mitten

Powell's Owls, an e-commerce and wholesale business selling a wide range of premium Baltic amber jewelry for children and adults today announced the launch of their brand new baby teething mitten. The ultimate natural teething remedy that babies and parents love. Since 2015, Powell's Owls have been recognized as a leader in providing natural teething relief to children with a focus on helping families make eco-conscious choices for their life.

Baby Teething Mitten
Company owner Oliver Lewis had seen first-hand the soothing effects and positive results that natural products can provide. "As a new father, I am very focused on only providing my daughter with natural products as opposed to resorting to putting chemicals into her body. At Powell's Owls we get emails and reviews on a daily basis from parents telling us how our amber teething necklaces helped their child through the pain of teething. Our customers love our products and kept asking us what's next. As such we have introduced the teething mitten which has multiple uses and looks so cute!"

The baby teething mitt is designed to offer an all-natural teething solution and pain relief for babies and infants. The teething glove fits skillfully over the babies hand and attaches with a velcro strap. The glove not only works to help with teething, but has been engineered with a soft, breathable fabric that absorbs drool and is washable. The perfect solution for all moms and dads. With safety a major factor in all products from Powell's Owls, the teething mitt is BPA free and tested to meet all safety regulations.

"My daughter is obsessed with the teething mitten and loves the crinkle sound that is built into the glove. It has also been helpful in preventing self-scratching which had recently become a concern for me and my wife"

Teething Mitt

The Powell's Owls Teething Mitten is now selling exclusively on the website at: and is backed by Powell's Owls 30-day risk-free, money-back guarantee.

About Powell's Owls
At Powell's Owls our mission is to provide wonderful service, combined with complete confidence in our products. A focused assortment of natural, safe and effective healing remedies that look great.

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