Why I Love My Adult Amber Bracelet

Why I Love My Adult Amber Bracelet

If you were friends with me on Facebook or you followed me on Instagram, then you would have already guessed what I am about to say: I love my adult amber bracelet! I wear it every single day, without fail, and I couldn’t be happier with all the great benefits that it provides me. Want to know why I love my adult amber bracelet so much? Then keep reading so I can tell you all about how amazing it is and why you should snag one for your wardrobe too!

Before I tell you the benefits let me just put this out there ..... It looks cute!

First, let’s be honest: it just looks cute! Amber bracelets are really unique, and unlike bracelets made with sterling silver or other ordinary materials, it truly stands out and makes a statement. It works with many different styles, too, so I can wear it on every occasion. I can wear my adult amber bracelet to work, when I’m grocery shopping, visiting friends, going on a movie date night. It fits in seamlessly with every single outfit in my wardrobe.

Amber bracelet for adult

It helps with my pain and inflammation:

Now, onto the more practical side of things. Did you know that amber can actually provide natural pain relief? I was surprised by this revelation too, but now that I know about this amazing property, I would never go back to only using standard pain relief medication again. Amber actually has a compound inside it called succinic acid; what is succinic acid, you ask? It’s an anti-inflammatory compound that, you guessed it, reduces inflammation.

When I wear my amber bracelet, my skin warms up the amber and a very small amount of oil is secreted. And I do mean small - I can’t even tell it’s there! The succinic acid is inside the oil, and once it’s absorbed into the skin, it works its magic. It helps me with my chronic pain and inflammation, and all without doing anything more than wearing the bracelet around my house or around town. The best part is, it’s a long-term effect, so the more you wear your bracelet, the more effective the pain relief!

Amber bracelet for adult

It’s reasonably priced:

You might be thinking: “okay, a cute bracelet that helps with pain relief? That’s going to cost a fortune!” But you would be wrong. Amber bracelets are very affordable and reasonably priced, especially considering that you’re wearing a bracelet that can help with pain, inflammation, and looks good to boot.

Amber Bracelet

It is a conversation starter:

Who doesn’t love a good conversation? I also love that my amber bracelet is an attention grabber that will give people something to ask me when I’m at parties, events, or just shopping around town. People will often point at it and ask: what is that? And then I get to tell them all about my unique fossilized resin bracelet and how it helps me with my chronic pain.

Amber Bracelet for Arthritis

If you’re looking for a great looking bracelet with a practical benefit, you won’t want to pass up an amber bracelet.

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