Baby Teething Gloves To Help Relieve Teething Pain

Why My baby Loves Her Teething Mitten

This article was written by one of our fantastic customers at Powell’s Owls who is a first time mother with a teething baby. This is her story about using the Powell’s Owls Teething Mitten.

As a first time parent, one of the first things I learned is that teething pain is one of the most frustrating experiences for parents and upsetting experiences for young infants during their first years. Like many parents, seeing my baby in pain was very heartbreaking, and I wanted to do whatever I could to relieve that pain.

What I found when looking for teething pain relievers won’t be surprising to parents of multiple children: there are simply a TON of different teething remedies and relievers out there. They range from basic household objects like a chilly washcloth to something you’ll pick up (more than once) in the baby aisle at the supermarket, all the way to newer relievers like teething mittens.

When I first stumbled on teething mittens, I was taken a bit aback. Wouldn’t it hurt their hand? Was it as good as me using a gum massager? I decided to buy one as my poor baby was going through another bout of painful teething and try it out myself.

Quick background: Baby teething mittens are mittens designed to help reduce teething pain primarily through the use of gum massage and pressure. There are a number of different models out there. The one I chose was by Powell’s Owls.

Teething Mitten

How Do They Work?

What I quickly found when I put the teething mitten on my daughter was that she instinctively wanted to check it out by biting it. But no yelp of pain or even realization that she had bitten her own hand. The thick and durable material used in the Powell’s Owls teething ring doesn’t leave any room for a baby to accidentally hurt themselves.

The model I chose had a variety of different patterned nubs on the top “fingers” portion of the mitten. It’s these nubs that massaged my baby’s gums and provided gentle pressure which got her to calm down within minutes. I was surprised (in a good way) and I quickly ordered a second mitten just in case. I didn’t end up needing to use it myself, as my baby’s mitten stayed in great shape despite some pretty heavy use, but it did make a great gift for a friend with a young baby.

Teething Mitt

Why My Baby Loved It

My baby couldn’t get enough of this teething mitten! In fact she started asking for the mitten rather than her traditional teething rings, which had been her favorite remedy up until that point. In addition to loving the pain relief and soothing properties of the mitten, I could tell she definitely loved the design. The mitten was designed with pretty colors (mine was a pretty cream color with mint green and polka dot accents) and special crinkle fabric. The crinkle fabric was another reason why my baby loved this teething mitten; it kept her entertained and occupied and, I think, distracted her from her leftover teething pain.

If you haven’t already tried one, I definitely recommend checking out a teething mitten!

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