amber jewelry works great to fix teething pain for babies

Why My New Baby Loves Her Amber Teething Necklace

It’s no secret that teething is a very difficult time for babies and their parents. Before I had my baby, I had read all about the problems that may come with teething and about the fact that teething can often be a very tense, stressful time, particularly for new parents. It wasn’t until my new baby began to experience teething pain that I truly understand why so many parents talked about how stressful and frustrating teething could be; seeing my baby in pain and not being able to soothe her as quickly as I wanted to made me very emotional. And then I found something that changed her teething experience forever: an amber teething necklace.

Amber Jewelry Now, I had seen photos and read blurbs about amber teething necklaces on Facebook before. They were practically a staple of some of my mom-to-be Facebook groups. But I didn’t give them much thought until my new baby was teething and I couldn’t’ seem to find anything that provided a long-term solution to her pain. I didn’t like the idea of giving her pain medicine, and teething toys and frozen rags only did so much: as soon as she wasn’t gnawing on them, she’d be in pain again.

With nothing to lose, I purchased an amber teething necklace, followed the instructions (especially those related to safety such as supervising her anytime she wore any type of jewelry. It seems obvious but no child should be left unsupervised wearing any type of necklaces / bracelets) and was amazed by the results. The positive impact it had on my little girl totally changed her teething experience for the better.

amber jewelry

Why the Amber Necklace Changed Everything For Her

Why does my new baby love her amber teething necklace? To put it simply: because it works. But that’s too simple an explanation for most parents, so I’ll go into a bit more detail in order to (hopefully!) help other parents understand just why this teething necklace became my #1 tool for tackling my daughter’s teething pain.

My baby’s amber teething necklace doesn’t just take away her pain temporarily, in the way that chewing on a teething toy does in the moment. Amber teething necklaces reduce pain by tackling it at the source: the inflammation in her gums which cause her to be sore and in pain.

Teething baby

If you don’t know how amber teething necklaces work, then here’s a bit of background: amber (which is actually fossilized resin, and not a jewel like I used to think!) contains a natural compound called succinic acid. Succinic acid is anti-inflammatory which can be used to treat inflammation and pain. When an amber necklace is worn against the skin, the amber secretes a trace amount of oil that gets absorbed into the skin--along with the succinic acid. From there, the succinic acid works to reduce inflammation and therefore, reduce pain.

My new baby loves her amber teething necklace because it’s not just a quick, short-term solution that has her crying in pain the second that its removed. When its worn, it tackles her pain at the source and ensures that she’s happy (and pain-free!) for as long as possible.

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