10 Natural Teething Remedies

10 Natural Teething Remedies

Ask any new parent and they will all agree that when their child is teething it is an extremely unpleasant time for everyone. Teething is the process of growing one's teeth which can develop in new babies from 3 months of age. As the baby teeth emerge through the gums the results and symptoms typically include soreness, swelling, excessive drooling, decreased appetite, rashes and sensitivity around the gums. In good news, there are natural teething remedies that help combat the teething symptoms, while not exposing your child to medication and drugs.

Homemade Popsicles:

Icey Cold Homemade Popsicles

Easy and delicious (and cheap to make), homemade popsicles are a great natural way to provide your baby with some teething relief. Chewing on the frozen Popsicle will provide gum relief by temporarily numbing the gum pain.

Wooden Teething Rings:

Wooden Teething Rings

These simple wooden rings a perfect teether and early infant toy. As your child begins to grow, attach a cord, and it becomes a nursing necklace. Best of all, wooden teething rings are pretty much bite-proof!

Chilled Spoons:

Chilled Spoons for teething
If you want cost effective you can’t go past using a chilled spoon! Recommended by the American Dental Association, all you need to do is chill a metal spoon in the refrigerator. After a couple of hours the spoon is cold and ready for your baby to enjoy!

Mom's or Dad's Finger:

Adult Finger for teething pain
Talk about being cost effective, the simplest teething solution is sitting right on your hand! Massage your baby’s gums with your index finger. Sometimes in life the simplest solution is sometimes the best!

Amber Teething Necklaces:

Amber Necklace for Natural Teething Relief
Baltic Amber Teething Necklaces are meant to be worn and not chewed! How it works is the body heat releases the succinic acid contained in the amber stones, which is a natural pain reliever and inflammation reducer. Amber necklaces have been used for hundreds of years to provide natural teething relief. They also look great too!

Hazelwood Necklaces:

Hazelwood Teething Necklace
Similar to amber teething necklaces, hazelwood necklaces can help to absorb the body's excess acid. Hazelwood can also help with other painful symptoms such as eczema, and acid reflux.

Peeled Ginger Root:

Peeled Ginger Root for Teething
Did you know that Ginger is a natural anti inflammatory that can help to relieve the pain from teething by soothing the nerve endings in the gums. For the strongest effect, rub a slice of peeled ginger over your baby's gums for 2-3 minutes.

Ground Cloves:

Ground Cloves
Cloves contain oils that have warming, numbing properties. Mix ground cloves with water, coconut oil, or unsalted butter, and chill in the fridge to make a paste that can be rubbed on the gums. Clove Essential Oil works great too!

Teething Gel:

Teething Gel for Teething Pain
A homeopathic remedy, the active ingredients in Hylands Baby Teething Gel are Chamomilla (relieves irritabiliy), Coffea Cruda (relieves symptoms of wakefulness and diuresis), and Belladonna (reduces inflammation). In large doses, Belladonna is known to be toxic, so talk to your pediatrician before using this product.

Teething Mitten:

Baby Teething Mitten for Teething Relief

Teething mittens are a great natural remedy for teething that provides multiple benefits to a teething child. Not only is the teething mitt a great self-soothing teething toy, the glove absorbs drool and is also washable. Best of all by wearing the mitt, your baby is unable to scratch themselves.

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