Premium Baltic Amber for a Natural Life

Powell's Owls was started in 2014 by Aaron and Rachel Powell. We are Earthy people who create jewelry from authentic, premium-grade Baltic Sea amber. 

 It started when my wife and I were searching for an amber necklace for our teething daughter and saw that the internet was full of reviews and warnings against fakes being sold online. There wasn't a brand out there that had the kind of premium quality that we felt we could trust in 100%. With that in mind, we started Powell's Owls to craft amber jewelry with real Baltic amber directly from the source in Lithuania. Our company is the only amber company to have our products independently tested by the Gemological Institute of America for purity and authenticity. 

Our small 2-person shop has come a long way from when we first started, with nearly 10,000 amber necklaces shipped to customers world-wide in 2015. Babies in 13 countries are now experiencing the healing benefits of our authentic Baltic Sea amber. Word-of-mouth about not only the quality of our products, but our transparent and honest customer service has led us to be one of the the most respected online amber companies. We know our amber is of the highest quality, so we've confidently backed every sale with a lifetime guarantee. 

Going into 2016 we are excited to be expanding our product lines, adding many new models of necklaces, bracelets, and a full range of amber jewelry for adults. Exciting things are happening at Powell's Owls, and we owe it all to our amazing customers!

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Thanks for your continued support!

Aaron & Rachel

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