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10 Ways To Entertain Your Wild Child

Keeping your child entertained is not always easy especially if your child tends to walk (or run) a little more on the “wild side.” If your child has a tendency to run, jump and generally act like he’s an adorable but mess-making forest creature, then the following 10 ways to entertain your wild child are something you’ll definitely want to try out.

#1: Help them start a collection:
Your child will love learning about more objects to add to their collection, in addition to organizing the collection. Simple collection ideas include rocks, stickers, and coins, but the sky is the limit!

#2: Set up a craft station:
A craft station should include kid-friendly materials what will depend on your child’s age, maturity level and their tendency towards messes. Paper and crayons are ideal for mess-free play for younger children, while older children will enjoy paints, glitter, and macaroni.

#3: Get them interested in puzzles:
Puzzles can keep your active child occupied for hours, and help them improve their critical thinking skills. Start with small puzzles with large pieces and, as your child’s puzzle skills increase, move onto more complicated sets.

#4: Have a dance party:
If your child needs to get some energy out in a more physical way, make a playlist of their favorite energizing songs and have a dance party! Be sure to clear out a space for your child to dance without risk of hitting furniture or tripping.

Puzzle For Baby
#5: Teach them how to play “hot lava”
Kids love the “hot lava” game where you have to avoid stepping on the floor, and it is especially engaging for very active children. Be sure to provide them with safe stepping stones to use that won’t slip on the floor.

#6: Make a household scavenger hunt:
Make a list of scavenger hunt items that they can find around the house--a blue cup, a soft pillow, an action figure, etc. and have them bring it to you when they are finished. For added incentive, make a fun prize as a reward.

#7: Invest in an indoor children’s bike:
There are plenty of kid-oriented stationary bikes that come bundled with games that will pop up on the TV or an attached tablet. If your child is very active, this can be a way to keep them entertained while getting out some of their energy.

#8: Plant a garden:
Active children will find themselves immersed in caring for a garden that they plant, water and tend themselves. You can even have them pick out what seeds they want to plant!

vegetable garden

#9: Take a nature walk:
Walking helps children focus their energy, and a nature walk will help your child learn more about the world around them.

#10: Engage in pretend-play:
Setting up a pretend restaurant, pretend movie theater, pretend doctor’s office--whatever sparks your child’s interest. Active children benefit greatly from pretend-play that keeps them focused and engaged.

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