Amber Teething Necklace

3 Reasons Why I Love My Baltic Amber Necklace

People all around the world have long used Baltic Amber as a safe, natural healing agent. Amber contains succinic acid, a natural analgesic. Contact with the skin releases amber’s natural oils and the succinic acid is absorbed into the body. Amber is often a popular choice for parents of fussy, teething babies as amber necklaces can soothe and reduce pain without the use of medicine.

Baltic Amber Jewelry For Adults and Children

Amber teething necklaces might be the most well known therapeutic use for amber, but it is not the only here. Here are thee other reasons why I love my Baltic amber necklace.

1) Baltic amber has anti-inflammatory properties.

Just as it can soothe swollen gums in babies, it can also reduce inflammation that causes pain in joints in adults. Baltic amber bracelets can be especially effectively for those that experience hand and wrist pain, for example.

Amber Bracelet2) Baltic amber can ease headaches.

Sufferers of chronic headaches might find that the analgesic properties of amber offer some measure of relief. We find that for adults using amber necklaces to mitigate pain, the effect often occur after three or four weeks and encourage those interested to commit to wearing their amber jewelry for at least that long. Just like taking a food supplements, you will not feel an immediate effect.

3) Baltic amber can lessen anxiety.

Many adults have seen the beneficial anti-anxiety properties of amber. While no scientific studies have been done on humans, one study found that succinic acid, the active compound in Baltic amber, reduces anxiety in mice.

Amber Teething NecklaceBaltic amber necklaces and bracelets can have a wide range of positive effects on babies as well as adults from natural pain management to anti-anxiety therapies. There’s no harm in trying. Peruse our best-selling styles of amber necklaces and see for yourself.

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