Easy meals for new moms with a teething baby

5 Meals For Moms Who Don't Like To Cook (Crockpot Anyone?)

If you’re a mom who doesn’t like to cook, you’re in luck: there are many family-friendly recipes designed to help you feed your growing family without resorting to complicated ingredients or cooking instructions. Let’s take a look at 5 meals perfect for moms who aren’t keen on cooking.

Chicken, Vegetable and Rice Casserole:

Casseroles are perfect for busy moms, as they involve only a bit of prep work and cooking them is as simple as popping them in the oven. For an easy casserole recipe that is filling and nutritious: Combine some shredded cooked chicken (if you’re feeling very cook-averse, you can shred up a rotisserie chicken from the deli) with your favorite vegetables along with precooked rice. Top with some cheese and breadcrumbs and put it in a 375 degree oven until the cheese is melted and bubbly.

Crockpot Chili:

Crockpots are nature’s gift to busy mothers! Crockpot chili is even easier than cooking it on the stove. Simply brown up some ground meat of your choice in the crockpot, combined with onions, tomatoes, and your favorite stock (beef tends to work best with chili). Other additions such as green peppers or chilies are optional and up to your family’s personal taste. Cook it in the crockpot until everything is hot, cooked through and ready to be eaten.

Crock pot meals
Crockpot Tacos:

Tacos are a hit with many families, but making them can be time consuming and annoying, especially if you’re a mom who isn’t keen on spending an hour in the kitchen putting together fixings for taco night. A crockpot will shave off the cooking time immensely and reduce any time you’d have to spend washing up multiple pans and dishes. Simply combine your desired taco meat--such as ground beef or shredded chicken--with any desired vegetables, such as onions or tomatoes, and let it cook in the crockpot until warm. Pop some tortillas in the microwave to cook them, serve with pre-shredded lettuce from a bag, and let your family put together their own tacos for dinner!

Build-Your-Own Pizzas:

Any meal where mom doesn’t have to do the work is great fun for busy moms. All you need for this meal is a set of pre-made pizza crusts, a can of pizza sauce, a bowl of pizza cheese, and your family’s favorite pizza toppings. Have the older kids put together the pizzas (sauce, cheese, toppings) and then pop them in the oven according to the pizza crust instructions.

Build Your Own Pizzas

Crockpot Stew:

Stews are filling, delicious, and nutritious--but a stove top stew requires constant vigilance. For busy moms who would rather not deal with the pain of cooking on the stove top, simply combine all of your stew ingredients in a crockpot and let it cook slowly throughout the day. The end result is a tender, delicious meal your family will enjoy.

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