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5 Must Have Items For A New Mother

One of the most overlooked aspects of motherhood is what a mother actually needs to take care of and manage her newborn baby. What most people think of when they think “must haves” for new mothers are basic practical items like diapers or bottles. At Powell’s Owls we believe that an amber teething necklace or teething bracelet is a must have item but of course we are biased! Let’s take a closer look at 5 must-have items for a new mother.

Stroller and Car Seat Travel System:

Many people choose to purchase a stroller and a car seat. And buying one of each item may work for some mothers. But a combination stroller and car seat travel system is an excellent choice for new mothers because it is more convenient and practical; strollers that function as a part of a combination travel system aren’t as bulky in the backseat or trunk, and the ability to lock in the car seat to the stroller means you automatically have a baby carrier with you when you’re out with your stroller.

Strap-On Baby Carrier:

Mothers often don’t realize how heavy their babies really are until they’ve had to hold them for too long. A strap-on baby carrier will make carrying your baby much less physically stressful; it will also free up a new mother’s hands for cleaning up the house, preparing meals, browsing at the store, and so on. Best of all, babies love strap-on carriers because the physical closeness with their mother is a soothing and comforting experience.

Portable High Chair:

Many new mothers don’t realize the importance of bringing your own high chair until they get to a restaurant and realize they either don’t have them, or their old, rickety wooden numbers that don’t look very safe. A portable high chair can be strapped onto any dining seat, whether you’re out at a restaurant, at grandma’s house, or having dinner in your own home. These seats are convenient, lightweight, and will make eating out with baby much less stressful.

Baby Care Kit:

No new mother wants to have to scramble when trying to find a pair of nail clippers to trim their baby’s sharp nails or apply some soothing lotion to baby’s chapped skin. A baby care kit is a small kit that contains all of the essential health and wellness tools and products that a new mother will need for her baby. This includes nail clippers, a nail file, lotion, soothing calm, and so on.

Swaddle Blankets:

Swaddle blankets are what is going to calm your baby down when it’s fussy or cranky or simply overwhelmed with the many new experiences that babies undergo during their first few months. Swaddle blankets can be a lifesaver for new mothers who are looking for ways to soothe their baby without always having to hold them and pick them up. Best of all, swaddle blankets are easy to use once you learn how to apply them properly, and new mothers will be able to pick up the tricks to swaddle quickly and efficiently in no time.

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