5 Reasons your baby needs a dog in their life

5 Reasons Why Your Child Needs a Dog

Dogs have been pets and companions to human families for thousands of years. Dog ownership is on the rise today as it has never been before, and if you have a child, you have already probably been begged and pleaded with on the subject. The truth is, your child needs a dog. Let’s take a closer look at 5 reasons why a dog would be beneficial for your child.

Dog ownership teaches children responsibility:

Owning a dog is one of the best and simplest ways to teach your children about responsibility. Dogs teach personal responsibility through often annoying ways--such as teaching children that they need to pick their toys up in the living room so the dog doesn’t decide to make off with them. But after a few chewed-on toys or furry favorite sweaters, your children will learn that they need to take care of their personal objects. And teaching children to be responsible for others--in this case, the dog--is achieved by teaching children to feed the dog regularly, take them for walks so they can relieve themselves, and so on.

Lulu and Butters

Growing up with a dog can encourage compassion:

Dogs need love, nurture, empathy and compassion; children who grow up with dogs are encouraged to develop and show compassion for others by becoming attuned to the dog’s emotional needs. Children who learn to comfort their dog during a thunderstorm or whimper after being stung by a bee will learn an essential emotional skill.

Dogs boost children's social skills:

Social skills are something that every child needs, but many children lack--at least until their school years. A dog will help your child get a jump start on social skills, and improve their social skills when they’re at home, by teaching them to be mindful of their interactions with others. For example, children who learn how to understand a dog’s social cues--such as recognizing when they dog wants to be left alone--will be more capable of applying that understanding to their human friends and family.

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Having a dog can boost your child's health:

A medical pediatric study found that children who grow up in households with dogs experience lessened health problems than children who grow up in households without dogs. The study specifically found that children in households with a dog had a stronger immune system, developed less ear infections and allergies, and were overall healthier.

Lulu enjoying the sun

Having a dog can keep your children more active:

It’s no secret that children are becoming less active, but if your child has a dog, then daily activity will be a requirement! Your child can get daily exercise by taking the dog for a walk--or accompanying an older sibling or parent on the task. You can also ensure your child has a regular play session with their dog to ensure your dog--and your child!--get some of their energy out.

Having a dog is a great responsibility, but the benefits for your child are more than worth the effort of raising a beloved canine companion.

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