safe teething remedies for a teething baby

5 Safe And Easy Teething Remedies

Teething is one of the most common yet frustrating experiences for parents and infants alike. Teething can cause inflammation, pain and general soreness which can make babies uncomfortable and cause parents to become stressed out. If you are looking for all natural teething remedies, you are in luck: the following are 5 safe all natural teething remedies that will help soothe teething pain fast.

#1: Amber teething jewelry

Ok .... We are naturally biased BUT amber teething necklaces (and bracelets) is one of the most popular natural teething remedies for a reason: its incredibly effective and, unlike short-term solutions, is designed to provide long lasting relief for teething pain. Amber teething jewelry is made from real amber; inside amber is a natural compound called succinic acid, which has anti-inflammatory properties. When it is worn against the skin, the succinic acid is absorbed into the body, thus reducing inflammation in the gums--and providing pain relief for teething infants.

Amber teething necklaces

amber necklace for teething

#2: Chew toys

No, we don’t mean chew toys for dogs but chew toys for teething infants are designed to be safely gnawed on by infants going through the teething process. Teething chew toys come in many different forms, but all are designed to be easily held onto by a teething infant so that they can get relief from teething pain via pressure on the gums.

Teething remedies

#3: Frozen rags or toys

Cold temperatures are a great natural remedy for teething pain. Frozen toys or even frozen rags can be a great remedy for infants who are experiencing teething pain. Frozen toys should be specially designed to go in the freezer; they will typically be made to withstand frozen temperatures before they are gnawed on by a teething infant. If you do use frozen rags, be prepared for a bit of a mess as the frozen water melts and drips.

baby teething

#4: A clean finger

One effective natural teething remedy doesn’t require anything more than soap and your own finger. For this remedy, clean off your finger as thoroughly as possible with soap and water, then cleanse it so no soap remains. Then give it to your teething infant so they can chew on it and get some relief through pressure. If you want, look for “chew finger gloves” that are designed to be worn over your finger. They will typically have various bumps and ridges that will provide more pressure-based relief for teething infants.

baby teething pain

#5: Frozen fruits or vegetables (with limits)

This remedy involves taken fruits and vegetables and freezing them before handing them off to teething infants. It should be noted that special mesh fruit or vegetable holders designed for this purpose should be used for younger infants, as using real fruits or vegetables will be a choking hazard. For older infants, frozen bananas work wonderfully, as they will be able to gnaw on the mushy frozen banana as it slowly unfreezes.

If you are looking for natural teething remedies, don’t forget to try out the above 5 remedies that are effective and safe for your teething infant to use.

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