Baby Teething Mitten with adjustable strap and machine washable

5 Teething Toys Your Child Needs Right Now

Teething can be a miserable experience for babies--as well as their parents who hate to see them in pain and discomfort. Thankfully, teething doesn’t have to be left to its own devices. Teething toys are a great way to help soothe your baby’s teething pain, and keep them distracted and occupied during one of the most trying times of their as-yet young lives. There are literally thousands of different teething toys out there, and it can be hard to choose one. But if you are looking for quality teething toys that soothe teething pain fast, then these are 5 teething toys that your child needs right now.

Baby Teething Mitten: 

This teething mitten utilizes an incredibly unique design to soothe teething pain fast. The Powell’s Owls baby teething mitten is made with multiple textures to help your baby sooth different types of teething pain. The unique material is completely safe and prevents your children from accidentally chewing on their fingers, as well as acting as a scratch preventative. This unique teething mitten also comes with crinkly material that will keep your baby occupied and entertained during their teething ordeals. It is easy to clean and is machine washable.

Baby Teething Glove

Sophie the Giraffe:

This giraffe inspired teether from So Pure is popular for its cute design which is appealing to babies and parents alike. It’s made from 100% natural rubber which provides a soft teething texture for babies who are suffering from sore gums. The no-holes design is safe and ideal for babies who are learning how to grasp onto objects. Babies will also enjoy playing with this teether, which can keep them occupied during moments of discomfort. This toy can be cleaned easily in the sink.

Teething ToyTeethe-Eez Teether: 

The Teethe-Eez Teether from Nuby features an interesting, engaging design that features 100% silicone textures, including massaging bristles. Massaging bristles are great for teething pain relief. Notably, this teether comes with a hygienic carrying case that will help you keep the toy from getting dirty, and avoid those terrifying moments when accidentally drop your teether toys in a public space in the midst of a pain flare up.

Go GaGa Squeeze and Teethe Toy:

This squeezable teether toy from Infantino is ideal for babies who are experiencing mild teething pain that can be eased with chewing on soft material. The Go GaGa model is designed to look like a cartoon cow and, when squeezed, emits a fun squeaking noise that is sure to keep your child distracted from their discomfort. The design allows for the toy to be easily cleaned in the sink.

Teething Toy
Mombella Elephant (Safety 1st)

This elephant-inspired teether toy from Safety 1st is designed to help your baby improve their grip technique while providing relief from teething pain. The design is not only made for grasping, but includes raised silicone nubs which are ideal for putting soothing pressure on inflamed gums. It is dishwasher safe and can be easily cleaned.

Teether ToyAbout Powell's Owls:

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