6 Infant Teething Relief Products

6 Infant Teething Relief Products

Teething can be a frustrating experience for both babies and their parents. It is difficult for parents to see their babies in pain, and it can be even more difficult to provide effective relief for teething pain. Thankfully, teething pain relief technology has developed significantly over the past few decades. The following are some of the 6 best infant teething relief products on the market today.

Sophie the Giraffe

Sophie the giraffe is one of the most recognizable and popular teething toys on the market. This is soft teething toy is designed to be chewable while providing a fun and friendly giraffe friend for infants to look at while they get teething pain relief.

Baltic amber necklaces

Baltic amber necklaces have become very popular as teething remedies over the past few years. Baltic amber necklaces are made from Amber, which contains an anti-inflammatory compound which treat teething pain at the source. These necklaces are effective in the long-term and are a great way to treat pain without resorting to pain relief medication.

Frozen cooling teethers

Cooling teething toys are essential because they provide pain relief through the physical mechanism of chewing in addition to the numbing relief from cold material. Frozen cooling teethers can be tossed into the freezer and pulled out when necessary, which means they’re simple and easy to use. They come in a variety of styles but the most common is a circular shape.

Dual Nub Teether

Dual Nub Teether toys are popular because they provide two different types of teething pain relief. One side of the teething toy is a circular shape, which provides relief for the front teeth. The other side is shaped like rabbit ears and allows babies to get relief for teeth at the back of their mouths. The rabbit's ear side is also textured, which provides additional relief.

Chompers Neckerchew

If you have ever seen a teething baby, then you know that teething comes with one potentially messy side effect: drool. The Chompers neckerchew doubles as a bib and a chew toy, allowing babies to get relief from teething pain while catching all of the drool that comes with it.

Teething Mittens

Teething mittens are a great way to encourage your child to see teething pain relief without having to worry about them sticking a toy in their mouth. Teething mittens are textured mittens which provide physical relief from teething pain; all your baby needs to do is stick their hand in their mouth and they can seek relief from the textured material.

Choosing Teething Toys

Choosing the right teething toy for your child can be difficult. Most parents find that they will use more than one teething pain remedy, as this allows for greater pain relief when compared to simply sticking to one option. For example, you may have your child wear a Baltic amber teething necklace in addition to giving them a cooling teether toy to chew on. This provides both long term relief through the necklace and short term relief with the cold teether toy.

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