Adult amber necklaces are great for adult pains

Adult Amber Necklaces Help Reduce Pain and Inflammation

Are you experiencing pain and inflammation? If so, you are not alone: countless other adults experience pain and inflammation from injuries, conditions such as arthritis, and simply the aging process. There are many remedies that promise to help soothe your pain and inflammation once and for all, but many of them are simply ineffective or come with downsides such as the potential for addiction.

This is where adult amber necklaces come in. Adult amber necklaces are a natural remedy that will help reduce your pain and inflammation, leaving you happier and freer to go about your daily life. Let’s take a closer look at how these necklaces work and how you can use them to help reduce your pain.

Amber necklace for adults

Amber: a natural pain and inflammation reducer:

You’ve likely already heard of amber due to its frequent use in fashion jewelry but did you know that amber isn’t actually a gemstone? Amber is actually fossilized tree resin, which has become hardened over millions of years. In order to create amber necklaces, the resin is first harvested and then shaped and polished to create ‘beads’ which can be used for necklaces and even other types of jewelry.

Adult amber necklaces

How amber works to reduce pain and inflammation:

Baltic Amber works to reduce pain and inflammation naturally through a compound called succinic acid. When the amber is warmed or heated, it secretes a small amount of oil; and it is the oil which contains the succinic acid. When the oil is absorbed by the skin—such as when you wear an amber necklace—the succinic acid is absorbed into the body, where it begins to work with its anti-inflammatory properties to reduce inflammation and pain.

Adult amber

Tips for wearing amber necklaces as an adult:

If you want to start treating your pain and inflammation with a natural remedy like an amber necklace, consider the following tips that will help you make the most of your purchase.

Tip: Wear it snug so that it sits against the skin:

In order for your necklace to work, your body needs to absorb the succinic acid inside the amber. This can only be achieved if the amber is worn closely against your skin so that it warms the amber, causing the oil to be released. Make sure that your necklace is snug against your skin so that the amber can begin to work effectively.

Tip: Don’t wear it to bed

You shouldn’t wear any necklaces to bed, as this can present a choking and safety hazard. Make sure that you remove your amber necklace before you go to bed. It will be waiting for you in the morning!

Tip: Clean your necklace properly

Make sure you wipe your necklace down with a clean cloth regularly, but don’t submerge it in water or use regular soap, as this will damage the beads. You can use a clean oil to wipe down the beads if you think they need a bit of cleaning.
If you are ready to reduce your pain and inflammation naturally, consider buying an amber necklace today.

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