Alternate all natural teething remedies

Alternate Teething Remedies During Covid

Life has changed for everyone in so many ways due to Covid however something which never changes is teething babies! There are many different types of teething remedies available from do it yourself style remedies to all natural teething remedies to medical remedies. 

At Powell's Owls we specialize in everything amber. Amber teething necklaces and teething bracelets have been used for hundreds of years to reduce the effects of teething. Amber teething necklaces are a popular teething remedy that parents from around the world are using to help soothe the frustrating pain experienced by teething children. 

Why is amber so great as a teething remedy? See below for answers!

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Top Five Reasons Why Amber Teething Necklaces Are A Great Teething Remedy 

1) They don’t carry the limitation and risks of medicine

First, it should be noted that Amber teething necklaces don’t have the same limitations and risks as medicine , such as pain relievers. Which medications, you need to be aware of the dosage and the frequency with which you give them to your child. This means you might not be able to give your child medication even if they are hurting, simply because you gave them a dose recently.

Amber is all natural which means no chemicals into your young baby!

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2) They provide long-lasting pain relief

One of the great benefits of Amber teething necklaces is that they provide pain relief which is long lasting rather than short-term relief. Amber teething necklaces provide ongoing relief that lasts indefinitely, rather then time related relief based on medications (which eventually wear off!) or the physical act of chewing on something.

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3) They work naturally

Amber teething necklaces are a natural pain relief remedy which works using a naturally derived compound called succinic acid, rather than something artificial. Succinic acid is a naturally occurring compound which is found in fossilized tree resin, or amber. When amber beads are worn close to the skin, they secrete a trace amount of oil, which is then absorbed into the skin and body. Succinic acid is contained in his oil.

Natural teething remedies are ideal when you want to avoid giving your children unnecessary medications or products as much as possible.

baby teething remedies4) They target the source of the pain instead of masking it

Most teething remedies are designed to mask teething pain. For instance, chewing on a cold teething toy is designed to provide immediate relief by numbing the pain through cold and the physical pressure caused by chewing; medications mask pain until the medication wears off. Amber teething necklaces, on the other hand, reduce pain by targeting the source of that pain: inflammation. The succinic acid found in amber is known to reduce inflammation, and when succinic acid is absorbed into the skin through amber teething necklaces, it targets this pain-causing teething inflammation.

natural teething remedies5) They can be used with other remedies

Although Amber teething necklaces are an effective teething remedy on their own, they can also be used with other remedies. You can have your child wear an Amber teething necklace while giving them a teething toy; and you can even use medications if you wish, just remember to be aware of the dosage and frequency when using medications.

If you are looking for an effective teething remedy, look no further than amber teething necklaces.

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