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Amber Necklaces And Teething Babies

If you’ve been active at all on social media lately, you’ve probably seen photos of babies wearing amber necklaces without even realizing that they are not just fashion jewelry, but a way to relieving teething pain. Let’s take a closer look at what amber necklaces really are, and why so many teething babies are sporting them nowadays.

What are amber necklaces?

Amber necklaces are necklaces made from amber “beads,” or shaped pieces of amber that have been strung on material to make a necklace. Amber is not, despite popular myth, a type of precious gemstone. Amber is actually fossilized tree resin, which is harvested and shaped for jewelry, in addition to being harvested for other uses as well. There is a long history of people using amber as a type of medication and pain relief, and in recent years using amber especially for pain relief in children has once again become commonplace.

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How do amber necklaces help teething pain?

Amber necklaces help reduce teething pain in babies through a substance called succinic acid. Succinic acid naturally occurs in amber, and is an anti-inflammatory substance. When amber necklaces are worn against a baby’s bare skin, the warmth produces a slight amount of oil. This oil gets absorbed into the skin and into the body; the oil contains small amounts of succinic acid, which work as a natural anti-inflammatory in people. Most teething pain is caused by inflamed and irritated gums, so when the succinic acid begins to work, it reduces the inflammation of the gums--therefore reducing teething pain.

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Why are amber necklaces are best for teething babies?

There are a lot of teething remedies out there so why is it, exactly, that amber necklaces are one of the best options for parents looking to sooth their baby’s teething pain? There are actually a number of reasons why parents prefer using amber necklaces on their teething babies.

Amber necklaces work naturally and do not have the side effects that pain medications can cause, especially in infants and babies. Many parents prefer to avoid giving their children unnecessary medication, especially if there is a potential for a harmful side effect when used over a prolonged period of time. Due to the fact that teething is an ongoing process that babies may experience until their toddler stages, amber necklaces are an excellent way to reduce pain without overloading on pain medication.

Amber necklaces also have a long-lasting effect when compared to pain medications, which usually mask the pain for a few hours, wear off, and have to be administered again. By contrast, amber necklaces work on a regular basis as long as the necklace has been worn regularly. The anti-inflammatory properties of the succinic acid won’t suddenly “wear off” the moment that a baby isn’t wearing their necklace for the night, but will continue to provide relief throughout the night.

Finally, amber necklaces are affordable and cost-effective. They don’t need to be refilled or replaced every few months and, with proper care, can last for years.

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