Baltic Amber teething necklace for teething pain relief

Amber Necklaces and Teething Relief: Why I Decided To Buy An Amber Teething Necklace

Teething pain. Just the mention of it can bring even the most seasoned parents to their knees. As a first time parent, I wasn’t new to the concept of teething pain but I was definitely not prepared for how difficult it was to find great relief for my baby. The teething remedy that I now recommend to all parents, seasoned and first-timers like me, is an amber teething necklace. But don’t just take me at my word. I want to share a more detailed look at why I came to that conclusion.

Teething Pain: Amber Necklaces vs. Ordinary Remedies

The best way to approach the subject of why I decided to buy an amber teething necklace, and why I recommend them now to all parents, is to compare the effects and results of amber teething necklaces with more “ordinary” teething remedies.

Side effects:

As we all know, there can be potential side effects to any sort of pain relieving medication, even medication designed for use with babies. In addition, pain relieving medication needs to be carefully monitored to prevent overdosing, which can have serious and even fatal consequences.

Amber teething necklaces side effects are nonexistent. The only danger they may present is a choking hazard if the beads break off and your baby decides to pop a loose bead in their mouth. Now, I will say that amber necklaces should only be worn if you are there to supervise your baby. Don’t let them wear it in the crib, during nap-time, in the car, or any point where you can’t jump in in case something happens. Amber necklaces aren’t chewing teethers, so they aren’t meant to be put into the mouth at all.


The effectiveness of teething remedies can range pretty wildly. Some don’t work at all, others work for a short period of time, and others are longer-lasting.

I found that of all the typical teething remedies pain relievers and teething toys being at the forefront that amber necklaces have the longest lasting effect. This is because of the way that amber necklaces work: they actually treat the source of the teething pain, the inflammation of the gums, rather than simply covering up the pain with a cold toy or pain relievers.

While my baby would be soothed temporarily when I gave her an appropriate dose of a pain reliever, it would only last a few hours before the pain would come back in full, shrieking force. When my baby had been wearing her amber necklace regularly, I noticed that she didn’t get these huge bouts of teething pain--nor did the pain come back with full force when I took the necklace off during naps, at bedtime, or when I couldn’t directly supervise her.

I recommend amber necklaces now to all parents with teething babies because they are effective, don’t have side effects, and are the best chance for your baby to get some genuinely soothing teething pain relief.

-Aaron Powell, Founder of Powell's Owls

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