amber necklaces look great and are safe to wear

Amber Necklaces Are Safe To Wear And Look Fantastic

Amber necklaces have been making waves in the parenting community in the past few years, and for a very good reason: they can stop teething pain practically in its tracks! Amber teething necklaces are a great alternative to traditional teething remedies such as pain medication and teething toys, though thanks to their innovative nature, you can use amber teething necklaces in conjunction with teething toys to soothe even the toughest teething pain.

One question is frequently on people’s minds when they hear about amber teething necklaces: are they safe to wear? The answer is: yes! Let’s take a closer look at why amber teething necklaces are perfectly safe to wear.

Amber Necklace

There are no side effects to wearing amber teething necklaces:

Unlike other teething remedies such as pain medication, there are no side effects when it comes to wearing amber teething necklaces. With amber teething necklaces, you won’t have to worry about monitoring doses, timing doses, or potential organ damage due to using too many pain medications. Amber teething necklaces have no side effects—well, other than looking stylish!

Teething Necklace

Amber teething necklaces work because of a natural, safe compound

The reason that amber teething necklaces work is a compound called succinic acid. Succinic acid is a naturally occurring compound that is actually present in the body. It is also present inside the amber. When an amber teething necklace is worn, oil is secreted from the amber; the succinic acid is contained in this oil and is then absorbed into the skin. This naturally occurring, safe compound reduces inflammation and thus reduces teething pain experienced due to gum inflammation.

Amber teething necklaces are designed to fit safely:

Amber teething necklaces are specifically designed to fit safely. Amber teething necklaces are designed to fit snugly so that the beads are not hanging loose, which eliminates the ability for an infant to put the beads inside their mouth when it is worn around the neck. It’s important that the necklace fits snug, but not tight—you want it to fit closely so that your infant can’t put the beads in their mouth, but not so tightly that it possibly messes with breathing.

A note on jewelry safety with babies and infants:

Amber teething jewelry is safe to wear. However, as with any jewelry worn by babies or infants, you need to practice some common sense. Only let your child wears amber teething necklaces when you can fully supervise them; this means do not let them wear the necklaces when they are in the car or when they are sleeping. You should also routinely inspect your amber teething necklace to make sure that there are no loose or damaged beads, as these could present a choking hazard.

Amber teething jewelry is a safe, natural alternative to other teething remedies. If you are looking for a teething remedy that works without side effects and is safe to use, then consider buying an amber teething necklace for your teething child today.

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