Amber Teething Bracelets - A Fantastic Natural Alternative
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Amber Teething Bracelets - A Fantastic Natural Alternative

December 18, 2018

Teething remedies are definitely not a “one size fits all deal,” especially when it comes to parents. Some modern teething remedies tend to be limited in scope such as toys which only provide temporary pressure relief at best and distractions at worst. Other solutions can come with side effects, such as medications. That is where an all natural amber teething bracelet is a great alternative relief for teething.

Amber BraceletAmber teething bracelets, and amber teething jewelry as a whole, are a popular and overall fantastic natural alternative to many modern teething remedies. Let’s take a closer look at why these make such an excellent natural option for parents with teething infants.

Modern teething remedies: risks and other downsides

Modern teething remedies can come with potential risks or just plain downsides for both parents and the teething infant in question.

Remedies which require medication, such as over the counter pain killers, can pose the risk of side effects for infants who take them. Some medications could even cause serious side effects in some children, especially if they are taken at certain doses or for a certain period of time.

Even non-medicated modern remedies come with some potential downsides.

Traditional teether toys work by providing pressure on sore gums, which can relief some pain but may not be very effective for significant pain. Teether toys may also not work for very long, which can cause teething infants to feel frustrated and stressed. So even those non-medication based remedies may not pose side effect risks, the downsides temporary relief or relief that simply isn’t strong enough are still there.

Amber teething bracelets: natural alternative that really works:

Amber teething bracelets are a natural alternative that does not have side effects. They work through the use of amber beads, as amber contains the natural compound succinic acid, which acts as a natural anti-inflammatory when it is absorbed into the body. Succinic acid reduces inflammation in the gums, which is the primary source of pain for teething infants. When this inflammation is reduced, the amount of pain being experienced is reduced as well.

Amber Bracelets

Amber teething bracelets actually attack teething pain right at the source, rather than simply masking pain like potentially risky medications or providing superficial relief like modern teething toys. And best of all, the effects of amber teething bracelets or amber teething anklets are much more long-lasting than pain relief through other methods.

Some parents even report no longer needing other types of teething remedies, though there’s no shame in keeping teething toys around for when your baby needs extra relief or simply wants to enjoy the feeling of pressure on her gums.
Amber teething bracelets are completely safe for children to wear, as long as they are worn under adult supervision which is standard for any jewelry worn by children.

Amber Teething Bracelet

Amber teething bracelets should be routinely inspected for missing beads, loose beads, or any other issues that could be a potential safety risk. As long as you keep your amber teething bracelets well-maintained, they could last you and your baby for a long time!

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