Amber Teething Necklaces are safe and durable for all babies of all size

Amber Teething Necklaces Are Safe And This Is Why

Amber teething necklaces have become very popular in the last few years, as more and more parents turn to this effective remedy for teething aches and pains. As any parent knows, teething pain can be difficult to manage and handle for both the infant and their parents!

Traditional teething remedies often involve medication which can come with side effects and can only be used in limited quantities or mechanical remedies such as teething toys that only work as long as your child is chewing on them. Amber teething necklaces work by tackling the source of the teething pain and are more long-lasting than any teething toy.

Amber Necklace

One question that many parents ask themselves is: are amber teething necklaces safe? The answer is yes! And here are the top 5 reasons why amber teething necklaces are safe to use.

#1: There are no side effects:

Unlike medications, there are no side effects with amber teething necklaces. These make them safe to use for infants of all ages, though you should always practice common sense jewelry safety and never let your child wear necklaces to sleep or when they aren’t being watched.

Amber Necklace For Baby

#2: They work through skin absorption:

The way that amber necklaces work is through skin absorption; when they are worn close the skin, the succinic acid inside the amber is absorbed through secreted oil. This method of absorption is safer than medications that require your children to swallow pills or liquids, while also providing a long-lasting effect compared to temporary relief from teething toys.

Baby Amber Necklace

#3: They contain a natural compound:

The anti-inflammatory succinic acid compound is a natural compound that is actually present in small amounts in the body. The additional succinic acid absorbed through amber necklaces is safe and provides long-lasting relief from painful, sore gums.

Amber Necklaces

#4: They are sturdy and well-constructed:

Amber teething necklaces are sturdy, well-constructed, and designed for children to wear on a regular basis so that they can have long-lasting teething pain relief. While you should always inspect amber teething necklaces to make sure that no beads are loose or damaged, you will find that these necklaces really do stand up to regular wear and tear compared to other types of jewelry.

Amber Teething Necklace

#5: They are designed to fit safely:

Amber teething necklaces are designed to fit safely around your child’s neck, meaning they are designed to be on the shorter side rather than featuring a long necklace chain. This design element is in place so that your child can’t put the necklace beads into their mouth, which presents a choking hazard. The necklaces should fit snugly, though they shouldn’t be tight. Make sure that you check the fit of the necklace before leaving it around your child’s neck.

Amber teething necklaces are highly effective and safe to use. If you are looking for a teething remedy that doesn’t have side effects, comes with long-lasting pain relief, and is safe for children to use, and then consider buying amber teething necklaces for your teething child today.

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