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Amber Teething Necklaces: What's it all about?

Teething NecklaceFor years, parents have struggled to help their children through the painful and exasperating teething process. Not only is teething very uncomfortable, it can become quite worrisome for parents who cannot calm their young ones down. To help alleviate the pain, many parents have started to turn to natural solutions. Today we will focus on one of these natural solutions - the Baltic Amber Necklace.

Otherwise known as an amber teething necklace, this popular, natural solution has been used by parents for hundreds of years to help their children through the challenges of teething. Does it work, though?

A Natural Teething Solution:

While you could go out and buy teething tablets for your child, most parents feel uncomfortable using synthetic, chemical substances to help their babies. In addition, babies and children are more likely than adults to have adverse drug reactions. Alternatively, an amber teething necklace utilizes a smart, innovative system to help release a natural source of pain relief.

Teething Necklace

Safe and organic teething relief should not be underestimated. With Baltic amber jewelry, the body heat from your child heats up the necklace gradually, and this eventually releases Succinic Acids from the amber itself. When this works its way into the child’s body, it offers an easy way to help boost and improve the immune system, and can also reduce the pain and swelling within the gums as teething takes place.

This smart process ensures that your child gets natural, gradual relief that isn’t reliant on any kind of chemical substance of formula. The teething necklace has been around for centuries - especially in the Baltic region - but many parents have never come across it, leading to weeks and months of pain for their little ones as they undergo teething.
Of course, you always want to be using amber jewelry that is proven to be made from the finest of materials. Look for a teething necklace that comes with a verification from a gemologist, such as the Gemological Institute of America. This allows you to double-check that the product you are providing your child with is safe, reliable and proven to be of assistance.

Raw Amber Necklace

A Long Lasting Solution to Teething:

One of the most powerful parts of using amber teething necklace solutions is the fact they provide such high (but safe) levels of Succinic Acid. This means that, unlike other less powerful necklaces such as imitation jewelry made from opal, you can see improvement in your child’s overall state of mind and mood within just 30 minutes.

Best of all? The amber necklace does not diminish over time. The effects and the benefits will last for as long as you need, ensuring that you always have a natural solution through a teething necklace.

With all of this in mind, you should find it much easier to get a natural, healthy and reliable source of healing for your little one. Don’t let the pain of teething ruin their day - offer this reliable, engaging solution to give your child a cool little accessory that also offers a tangible benefit!

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