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Baby Shower Ideas, Gifts and Games

Baby showers are the perfect time for friends and family to gather around the mother-to-be and celebrate the baby that is on its way. There are many different ways to host a baby shower, from big extravagant parties at rented rooms to quiet affairs in someone’s living room. When it comes to planning a baby shower, you definitely want something fun, unique, and tailored to the mom-to-be. The following are some great baby shower ideas for the party itself including games as well as gift ideas that are sure to to be a welcome sight.


The theme of the baby shower should reflect the pregnant mother; ideally, ask about any ideas or wishes she has for her baby shower, so you can get a good idea of what she does and doesn’t like.

Unique baby shower themes are a great way to make it a party that people won’t soon forget, so try to step outside of the typical “all pink for a girl baby/all blue for a boy baby/baby animals/diapers and baby items” themes that you’ve seen a hundred times at other baby showers. Some unique themes include: movie/tv-show themed parties, retro parties, book themed parties, and passion/hobby themed parties. For instance, a passion/hobby themed party could center around the mom-to-be’s favorite hobby--whether it’s horseback riding, scuba diving, or reading books.


Baby shower games can be something of a hot button issue. Some people love them, some people hate them. But you can help reduce the chances of a grumpy baby shower gamer by doing away with the tired old baby shower game cliches and introducing fun, new games instead! Here are a few great baby shower game options to choose from:

Guess the baby photo: Ask guests to submit baby photos of themselves before the day of the shower--and be sure to keep track of who sends them in. Before the party, get the photos printed and pin them up on a board with a number. Print the list of submitted names and keep them nearby. Then have guests try to match up the names with the baby photos. Whoever gets the most accurate matches wins a prize!

Decorate onesies: This one isn’t a competition, so it’s great for less competitive guests. Get a plain white onesie for each guest and set out fabric markers on every table. Ask guests to decorate the onesie and voila, you have an instant custom wardrobe for the baby!


Gifts are one of the most difficult aspects of baby showers, simply because no one really knows what to get. But don’t fret: you can make your gift one to remember by picking something unique that the mom-to-be won’t be getting from anyone else. Some excellent unique gift ideas include personalized items, such as personalized blankets, pillows, framed art pieces, and even clothing. A one of a kind gift will definitely be appreciated, especially when the baby is a bit older and can’t get enough of snuggly blankets and comfy clothes.

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