Baltic Amber Dog Collar and Amber Cat Collar

Baltic Amber Collars Necklaces for Dogs & Cats

Amber necklaces aren’t just for teething babies or infants! The widely popular amber teething necklaces so often used by parents looking to soothe their children’s teething pain can now be purchased by pet owners everywhere for their beloved animal companions. Let’s take a closer look at what these collars are made from, and how they can benefit the dogs and cats who wear them.

Amber Resin: What It Is (And Isn't)

Many people mistakenly think that amber is a type of gemstone or rock, due to its polished appearance. However, amber is actually resin, a plant by-product which was formed millions of years ago. Amber beads are shaped pieces of resin which can be strung into various types of jewelry, including necklaces, bracelets and yes, amber collars for dogs and cats.

amber dog collar
The Benefits of Baltic Amber Collars for Dogs and Cats

For dogs and cats, the primary benefit of Baltic amber collars comes from two key natural properties of resin: its electrostatic properties and its natural smell.

When the resin beads are worn by a cat or dog, they will be rubbed against the animal's fur. This rubbing motion, combined with the natural surface of the resin, generates electrostatic electricity. This electrostatic reaction makes is virtually impossible for fleas, ticks and other insects to keep hold of the animal's fur. While the reaction does not kill fleas, ticks or other insects, it can help prevent the insects from biting your animal pets in the first place and help get rid of existing insects clinging to your animal’s fur. This can be one of the easiest ways to remove fleas and ticks from your cat or dog as part of a thorough flea and tick removal process.

The natural smell of Baltic amber is not noticeable to humans. However, when the amber beads are worn against the warm skin of an animal over a period of time, its natural scent is released--and it is noticeable to insects such as fleas and ticks. This smell is not appealing to them and acts as a mild form of repellent.

Baltic Amber Dog Collar

Why Baltic Amber Collars Over Other Flea/Tick Prevention?

Other types of flea, tick and other insect prevention for cats and dogs tend to use chemicals to kill fleas, ticks and any other unwanted bugs who have found their way onto your pet’s skin or fur. These chemicals often work either by entering your pet’s bloodstream or by coating your pet’s fur in the chemical. And while they can be technically effective, many of these chemical-filled anti-flea and anti-tick products have negative side effects for cats and dogs. In some cases, these chemical products have even killed animals.

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Baltic amber collars for cats and dogs do not contain any unnatural chemicals, nor do they cause side effects like chemical-laden flea and tick products. If you are looking for a natural, effective way to keep your cat or dog free of fleas and ticks, consider a Baltic amber collar today.


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