Best baby shower gifts for a new baby

Best Baby Gifts of 2019

Buying gifts for new parents and their new bundle of joy is a great way to celebrate your love for a new life being brought into the word. But, as it is with buying any gifts, choosing what baby gift to buy can be difficult and even frustrating. Thankfully, we’ve taken all of the stress out of shopping for your next baby gift: take a look at the following best baby gifts of 2019 for great gift ideas for any new bundle of joy!

Powell’s Owls Baby Shower Teething Gift Set:

This baby shower gift set from Powell's Owls is the perfect option when you want to gift something that covers all the bases when it comes to that oh-so-painful period in an infant’s life: teething! This great all-in-one set contains: a Baltic amber teething necklace, a Baltic amber teething bracelet, and a teething mitten. Plus, you get a special pendant with every set too! Parents will definitely appreciate this set when it comes time to do battle with teething pain.

Sassy Developmental Bumpy Ball:

This cool sensory ball is great for baby’s development. It has multiple types of materials and encourages babies to get a feel for different textures, sounds, shapes, and even colors. It will help babies develop their ability to grasp objects while entertaining them all the while.

Sassy Development Ball

Hatch Baby Rest Night Light, Sound Machine, and OK-to-Wake

This modern looking gadget is a smartphone-controlled light and sound machine that is designed to help make nights with baby easier. There are options to turn on soft lights for late night feedings or diaper changes so that there's enough life for mom or dad but not so much light that baby can't fall asleep; as well as white noise and other sound options; and an “okay to wake” option for older toddlers who need to be told when it’s okay to get out of bed.

Hatch Baby Rest Sound Machine

WubbaNub Infant Pacifier- Giraffe:

This cute pacifier is designed to be easy for babies to hold while standing out visually to help parents keep track of it, whether it's in the house or on the go. The pacifier is made from medical grade silicon that is free from BPAs, Phthalate, and latex material. Babies will also love the cute giraffe on the end, which will provide soft comfort while in use and can be a toy to play with when they’re not using the pacifier.

WubbaNub Infant Pacifier

Fisher-Price Kick & Play Piano Gym:

There are a lot of different playmats out there, but this playmate is uniquely designed to grow from babies "laying" to infants "playing"! There are dangling toys and a mirrored sun for babies who need to lay on their back to enjoy some fun, as well as a "kick" piano that they can play with their feet. When the baby gets old enough to sit up and crawl around, the piano can be attached and laid down flat for traditional play, while the dangling toys and other accessories on the mat can be used in a sitting position instead.

Piano Gym

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