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Best Foods for Teething Babies

Teething is a pain--literally! Pain from teething can cause your baby to feel uncomfortable and even downright miserable, and it’s only natural for parents to soothe that teething pain with a plethora of toys and remedies. One of the best remedies for teething pain is to provide your baby with foods that can ease teething pain and soothe inflamed gums. If you want to know the best foods for teething babies, consider the following foods that are optimal for teething babies.

Cold Foods:

Cold food is very soothing to teething babies because of the cold temperature has a slightly numbing affect, and it can also reduce inflammation on the gums. This makes a variety of cold foods ideal for your baby when their teething pain flares up. Cold foods from the fridge such as cold yogurt, cold hummus, or even cold soups can help ease pain from teething. Just make sure to avoid anything with citrus fruit, anything acidic, or anything that is too spicy or salty, as all of these can inflame the gums even further and actually increase soreness.

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Mushy Foods:

Mushy foods can be a great option for teething babies because the mushy texture may soothe red and sore gums, and the fact that they don’t need to be chewed ensures that your baby’s sore teeth and gums get a break. The most popular mushy foods for teething are vegetable or fruit purees, along with soups, mashed bananas, mashed avocado, and anything with a similar mushy texture. It’s best not to serve these foods hot or even warm if possible, since most teething babies prefer colder foods to ease the pain. Ideally, you should stick these mushy foods in the fridge for at least an hour or so before you feed them to your baby.

Hard Foods:

Hard foods are ideal for certain types of teething pain, as some babies prefer to put pressure on their sore gums in order to relieve pain. Some parents give their children carrot or cucumber sticks, but be careful with these as pieces can break off and become a serious choking hazard. Ideally, you should look for baby-safe teething biscuits, because teething biscuits dissolve in the mouth. You should also look for a brand that doesn’t use much added salt or spices, as these can inflame the gums.

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Frozen Foods:

Frozen foods combine the soothing pressure of hard foods with the numbing affect of cold foods; frozen foods are even more soothing because the increased cold numbs the gum pain even more so than food from the fridge. In fact, many teething babies prefer frozen foods because they are an ideal combination of these two remedies. The best frozen foods are frozen fruits such as frozen bananas or frozen blueberries, but you can substitute any of your baby’s favorite frozen fruits for these. Just be sure to avoid any citrus fruits because they will cause more inflammation and can even cause a stinging sensation in already inflamed gums.

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