Baltic Amber can help with body pain and ailments including arthritis

Can Amber Help My Body Pain And Other Ailments?

Body pains and aches are never a pleasant thing to experience. If you’re like millions of people around the world who are looking for relief from pain, you’ve probably already researched the endless remedies that promise to help you feel better. One of the remedies that is often touted is amber. You may already be familiar with amber as a potential pain reliever through its popularity in amber teething necklaces for children. But can amber help with an adult’s body pain? Or even other ailments? Let’s take a closer look at amber, how and if it works, as well as whether or not it can help reduce your body pain.

What is amber?

First, it’s important to note that amber is not a gemstone or any type of mineral. Amber is tree resin, or tree sap, which is hardened due to becoming fossilized millions of years ago. Amber can be found all over the world, and is frequently harvested for use in pain remedies. Amber has even been used historically as a pain reliever!

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Does amber really cause pain relief?

Yes to an extent. The reason why amber can relieve pain is due to something inside the amber called succinic acid. Succinic acid is a compound which works as an anti-inflammatory; in fact, you already have trace amounts of succinic acid inside your body. When amber is used properly, the succinic acid is absorbed into the body where it reduces inflammation and thus relieves pain.

What conditions can amber help relieve?

It should be noted that amber is not an all encompassing pain reliever. It works primarily through the succinic acid, which reduces inflammation. Therefore, it is best used for body pain and ailments which hurt due to inflammation. This can include conditions like arthritis, sprained muscles, certain types of shoulder pain and back pain, sore gums (yes, even in adults!) and so on. It is not very effective for ailments or pain caused by something other than inflammation.

However, even if your pain or ailment isn’t primarily caused by inflammation, a surprising amount of pain is caused by at least a small amount of inflammation in the body, so amber is likely to at least provide some pain relief in many cases.

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How do I use the amber to help with pain?

The most effective way to use amber is by wearing it directly against the skin. When you wear amber against your skin, your body warmth will heat up the amber ever so slightly. This warming effect causes an oil to be secreted; the succinic acid within the amber is contained in this oil. The oil gets absorbed into your skin, taking the succinic acid with it. When the amber is worn against your skin regularly, it provides consistent and constant pain relief.

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The easiest way to wear amber against your skin is by wearing an amber necklace or an amber bracelet. They can be purchased at any online store that offers amber based pain remedies.

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