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Do Amber Adult Necklaces Really Work?

You have probably seen Baltic amber necklace for adults around town without even realizing it at first. Baltic amber necklaces have a distinct look, with unique amber “beads” that make for a simple yet classic appearance. Amber necklaces are for more than just looks, however. They are used for therapeutic reasons, especially to help reduce pain and inflammation. Most people will associate pain relief and amber necklaces with babies (amber teething necklaces) but do amber necklaces for women and men really work? Read on to find out!

What Is Amber?

First, let’s learn a bit more about the amber itself. Contrary to appearance and popular opinion, amber is not a gemstone or a type of rock mineral. Amber is actually tree resin which has been fossilized; you have probably seen fossilized amber with the remains of ancient bugs and other critters inside them. Don’t worry, the amber mined for necklaces doesn’t contain any ancient insects.

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How Does It Work?

The concept behind using amber necklaces is fairly simple. Amber necklaces contain succinic acid; succinic acid, which actually occurs naturally in our bodies in small amounts, can help with pain and inflammation. When amber necklaces are worn against a warm body part such as the neck or wrist, the resulting body heat causes the amber to secrete a bit of oil. This oil contains the succinic acid inside the amber, which is then absorbed into the body. Then, it acts as a pain relieving agent and an anti-inflammatory.

Amber Necklaces and Babies:

As was mentioned previously, amber necklaces are most often associated with babies because they are a common way parents help their babies relieve teething pain. Teething pain is caused by inflamed gums which become very sore and painful. The succinic acid from the amber ‘beads’ is a way for that pain to be soothed in a consistent way over time,when the amber is worn as a necklace that rests against the skin. Amber bracelets for teething pain are also popular. This is in direct contrast to how pain relievers for teething usually work, which can cause the pain to “crash” once the effects of the pain reliever pill wears off.

amber necklaces for painCan Amber Necklaces Work On Adults?

The big question on many people’s minds is this: if amber necklaces work on babies and infants, can they work on adults, too? And the simplest answer is: of course they can! The bodies of adults respond to the pain relieving and anti-inflammatory properties of succinic acid just like the bodies of infants do. There is no reason why adults cannot also take advantage of the benefits of wearing amber against the skin through amber necklaces, although they would obviously be using it for relief from something other than teething pain!

amber necklace for adultWhere to find an Amber Necklace for Adults:

You can find a high quality amber necklace for adults at any specialty retail store or online that features amber bracelets, amber necklaces, and other amber related products for both children and adults.

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