Essentials When Taking Your Baby On Vacation

Essentials When Taking Your Baby On Vacation

Taking your baby on vacation is an exciting, yet daunting prospect. Before you take your baby on vacation, however, you have to make sure that you are thoroughly prepared for everything that could happen on vacation. The best way to prepare is to make sure you have all of the essentials packed and ready before you leave on your vacation. The following is a handy guide to all of the essentials you need to bring with you on your vacation with your new baby.

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Car seat: Make sure you bring your baby's car seat with you on vacation instead of relying on a rental seat. Your baby's car seat will be familiar to them and will help them be less fussy on long car trips.

Sturdy stroller: Avoid bringing lightweight umbrella-style strollers and instead bring a sturdy, collapsible stroller that will be more comfortable for your baby.

Crib/Pack and Play: Most hotels will provide cribs or pack and plays at no additional cost, but if you have one that you can easily bring from home, bring it along as it will be more familiar to your baby and thus be easier for them to fall asleep.

Baby carrier: Make sure you bring a baby carrier/sling for those times when your baby doesn't want to sit in a stroller.

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Diaper Bag and Supplies:

Your diaper bag will be the bag you carry on flights or that you use the most on a long car ride. Your diaper bag should be well stocked with everything you might need on the trip, including the following items.

Diapers: Pack more than enough diapers for your expected travel time in case of emergencies and blow outs.

Wipes: Make sure you pack secure airtight wipes that will stay moist throughout the trip.

Changing pad: You never know when a plane, hotel or rest stop will not have an available (or clean) changing table, so make sure you bring a changing pad with you.

Blankets and toys: Pack 1 or 2 blankets in the bag along with your baby’s favorite toy in order to make sure they have something that will soothe them in case they feel anxious during the trip.

Plastic storage bags: Make sure you bring along empty storage bags to store dirty diapers, wipes and other trash that you may not be able to dispose of right away.

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Packed Luggage:

Your packed luggage should contain items that you will need for your trip but which aren't essential during your initial travel to your destination. The following are the most important items you should have in your luggage.

Clothes: Make sure you have one outfit for every day of your trip plus 3 extra outfits in case of blowouts or other clothing emergencies.

Diapers: Include a few packs of diapers in your luggage so you don't have to buy more at your destination.

Bibs, baby spoons, bottles and other feeding supplies: Make sure you have enough bottles, bottle brushes, baby spoons, baby bowls and bibs for your trip.
Remember to create a checklist before your vacation so that you don’t forget anything!

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