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Everyday Essentials For a New Parent

There are endless online checklists and must-have guides and baby registry tips to help new parents pick out everything from educational newborn toys to state-of-the-art changing tables. But what about those everyday essentials that help you get through a regular day with your new baby? Let’s take a closer look at some everyday essentials that new parents should have in their inventory.

Play Mat:

It can be hard to keep your baby entertained before they’re able to crawl and walk around--and a bored baby can quickly become a fussy, cranky baby if they don’t find something to keep them occupied in between feeding and naps. A play mat will help stimulate your newborn, keep them occupied, and most importantly, help them develop crucial mental and physical skills as they learn how to focus, identify sounds, and more.

Baby play mat

Teething Mitten:

Teething is one of the chief concerns for new parents. No parent wants to see their baby in pain, and as any parent who has dealt with painful teething can attest, a teething baby in pain means less sleep and more stress for their parents. In lieu of ordinary teething rings, try out a teething mitten, such as the high quality ones offered by Powell’s Owls. Powell’s Owls Teething Mittens are designed to give your baby teething relief while also entertaining babies with soothing colors and crinkly sounds. It works simply by providing babies with a safe chew-able material over their fingers, which protects their skin while allowing the baby to get pain relief. Best of all, it’s machine washable, so you can wash it easily without any fuss.

Teething Mitten to provide teething relief

Noise Machines:

Some babies fall asleep perfectly without needing so much as a lullaby or reassuring pat--but this is a pretty rare situation. Most babies (and parents!) can benefit from noise machines, which are especially a lifesaver for babies who have difficulty falling asleep or who need to be kept soothed in their crib for a few minutes while mom or dad gets something done around the house. Noise machines come in many forms, ranging from sounds like rainfall or bird chirps to musical numbers such as popular lullabies. The type your baby prefers is hard to predict, so it may be wise to pick a model which offers a few selections of music in addition to typical soothing noises.

noise machine to help your baby sleep

Body Carriers:

There will be times when you need to get something done around the house when it’s just you and the baby, meaning you won’t be able to just leave your baby alone in another room while you get something done. The best solution to this problem is a body carrier, also known as a soft carrier. Body/soft carriers come in lot of forms, with the most popular being body slings and huggers, which allow you to keep your baby safe and connected to you without having to hold them with your arms. This in turn frees up your arms for cleaning up around the house and otherwise completing errands.

baby body carriers


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