Baby Teething Challenges: Interview With Dad of 16 Week Old Daughter

Baby Teething Challenges: Interview With Dad of 16 Week Old Daughter

Today we are sitting down with new dad Peter Goodman. Peter is the proud new father of baby Ruby who is 16 weeks old today.

How is “baby life” treating you?

As a new dad, life is stressful!! There is very little sleep and a lot of crying. I just noticed her first tooth starting to come through and it looks like she is in constant pain. Of course I want to do anything to help relieve the pain and get that cute smile back on her face.

You recently purchased our Amber Teething Necklace – What are the results so far?

I purchased the raw amber necklace 10 days ago and also bought an amber bracelet as well (matching set!) We use the necklace during the days when we are supervising her and use the bracelet predominately at night on her ankle to help her with sleeping. Many parents told us they saw immediate changes with their children when they began wearing the amber necklace and we were no different! Literally within 2 hours Ruby was chilling on my lap. I saw an immediate change with her drooling and rosy cheeks. We had my parents staying over that weekend and they couldn’t believe the change!

Raw Amber Necklace

Do you have any other advice or teething solutions for new parents?

The amber has been unbelievable and we also found that using a “White Noise Machine” has been terrific as well. The machine drowns out any background noise and creates a soothing environment for the baby to sleep. I highly recommend this to other parents. We purchased ours on Amazon.

Final Comments:

My advice to other new parents going through the teething stages is to be patient and breathe! There are terrific products out there on the market that can assist with teething and also assist with helping babies have a good night sleep.

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