My Amber Teething Anklet Helps My Baby Sleep At Night
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My Amber Teething Anklet Helps My Baby Sleep At Night

August 15, 2019

If you are a parent, then you already know what I am about to say is one of the most painful truths of parenthood: getting a good night’s sleep can be nearly impossible. Especially if your baby is young, and especially if they happen to be teething. Teething is one of the most difficult experiences for babies and parents, and as a mother who was once at her wit’s ends due to my baby’s inability to sleep through the night due to teething pain, I have one thing to say: teething anklets. Teething anklets helped change my life and my baby’s teething pain forever. Before I get into how that happened, I want to share my personal experience with a baby who was in the throes of terrible teething pain for too long.

Teething Pain Was Keeping My Baby Up At Night:

There are fewer things more difficult as a parent than seeing your child in pain. Especially teething pain, which was something I couldn’t exactly control--and something which could not be easily remedied. This was especially true at night when my baby couldn’t even get the normal relief from teething using frozen teethers and other methods. All my baby could do when she experienced teething pain at night was wake up, cry, and wait for me to show up and do my best to calm her down. In the end, neither one of us were getting much sleep at night, and I knew that I had to do something to change all that.

Until I Found…

Amber teething anklets were the solution to the problem, though it took some time for me to discover just how beneficial they really were. I had heard about amber teething jewelry before mostly on Facebook but I hadn’t thought it was a viable solution until both me and my baby were sleep deprived due to her terrible night time teething pain.

I decided to go ahead and purchase an amber teething anklet because her pain was the worst at night. Using the amber anklet was simple enough: all I had to do was secure it onto her ankle before she went to bed and keep it on during the day in order to see results.

I was skeptical at first, but after a few days, a miracle: she slept through the night. And the next night… and the next night. Her teething pain had gone from something truly unbearable that would wake up her in agony night after night to something which seemed to be gone completely, though she still loves to gnaw on her teethers during the day for frozen relief.

If you are like I used to be tired and at your wit’s end with night time teething pain then don’t hesitate. Purchase an amber teething anklet today to secure your baby a better night’s rest.