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My Baby Won't Sleep, What Can I Do?

They are so adorable and mostly peaceful, but babies need help to cope with discomfort. Babies tend to fall asleep without any troubles, especially a few moments after a meal. They also naturally create a biological clock for feeding times, sleeping and playing. You are a lucky mom if your baby’s schedules match yours, if not you have to adjust your lifestyle to meet the baby’s demands.

Many mothers, however, report their concerns about their baby’s facing difficulty with falling asleep. This can happen for many reasons. One thing is certain; your baby will not sleep until they are very comfortable. The solution to helping babies enjoy a longer, and better sleep is finding out the cause of discomfort.

Teething can make your baby feel very uncomfortable. The teething experience can distort your baby’s normal sleep schedule which leaves them uncomfortable and unhappy. At Powell's Owls we have a huge range of amber teething bracelets and anklets that can be worn at night to help your baby sleep. The amber teething bracelets can help you baby tolerate teething better due to its soothing properties. 

Sleep is so important to babies; it helps in physical, and mental development. This is why it is important to find ways that can help your baby sleep peacefully as long as necessary every day.

The following tips will guide you on how to make your baby experience a long and peaceful sleep.

Your baby may be hungry:

Hunger is one of the reasons why babies find it difficult to sleep. This happens during the day and at night. Some babies experience faster metabolism, and they have a bowel movement quickly after feeding. The chances are that your baby will be hungry very soon if they poo soon after feeding. So you can plan to feed them again shortly after changing their diapers.

Does your baby have an amber bracelet or necklace?

Wearing an amber bracelet made from 100% authentic Baltic amber on your baby’s ankle can help them sleep better. If you have an amber necklace, you can also wrap it around your baby’s ankle. Amber teething bracelets have been used for many years to help babies cope with teething; it is also a perfect and safe remedy for sleeping disorders in babies. On contact with your baby’s skin, the warmth from the skin causes a release of a small trace of oil from the amber teething necklace which has a soothing effect that will encourage your baby to fall asleep.

Amber Teething Bracelet

Adjust the lights

Whether it is day or night time, bright lights can cause your baby to experience sleeping difficulties. The room in which your baby sleeps should have good shades to reduce the lights during the day. At night you should ensure that there is a good night light which is not too bright.

Use high-quality diapers:

Don’t worry, the period of buying diapers will soon be over, but you can save yourself a lot of trouble by using high-quality diapers. These diapers will keep your baby comfortable for longer periods by absorbing more urine.
You should also note that babies tend to soothe themselves if the discomfort is not too significant. So when you hear your baby whine, try to wait a little while to hear if it will escalate into a ‘full blown’ wailing protests before you approach.
Feel free to try the tips mentioned above and don’t hesitate to let us know what worked for you.

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