Amber Teething Bracelets are a fantastic way to reduce the teething pain

My Child Wears An Amber Teething Bracelet And She Loves It!

If you’ve been on social media for the past few years, you’ve probably noticed a little fashion trend showing up again and again on your friend’s and families infants: amber teething bracelets. But these aren’t just subtle fashion statements: they’re actually designed to help reduce teething and spare infants and their parents from the harshest pains and frustrations of the teething process. How do I know this? Because my daughter wears an amber teething bracelet and she absolutely loves it.

Teething Bracelet

Before the Bracelet - Insomnia and Tears(And Not Just From Me)

I didn’t realize just how tough teething could be on babies until my daughter started going through it. Her little gums were inflamed and all I could do was try to soothe her while she cried, screamed, and generally had a miserable time. I tried all the typical teething remedies, and while some of them did work temporarily, none of them achieved what I (and no doubt my daughter) was hoping for: long lasting relief from teething pain.

Social Media: Not Just for Selfies

I first heard about amber teething bracelets where most people hear about them: social media. A few friends of mine had already purchased bracelets and necklaces for their little ones, and I didn’t think much of it until I was up for the 5th time that night, trying desperately to soothe my daughter’s teething pain so we could both get a little sleep.

I messaged one of my friends and asked her more about them and what are they, exactly? What do they do? How much do they cost? And of course: where do I get one?

The answers were a bit surprising. Amber teething bracelets are made from amber, which is fossilized tree resin and not a stone like I had previously assumed. There’s a special substance inside amber called succinic acid, which gets absorbed into the skin when amber is worn against it. Succinic acid is an anti-inflammatory agent, which targets the source of teething pain and inflammed gums and reduces it, thus reducing the pain . They are very inexpensive considering what they promise, so I didn’t think much of making a purchase from the link my friend sent me and hoping for the best.

Amber Bracelet

Why My Daughter Loves Her Amber Bracelet (And So Do I)

I dutifully read the instructions and placed it on my daughter’s wrist. I didn’t notice a difference right away, but after a few days, I wished that I had bought one weeks before. My daughter’s teething pain was not totally gone now and then she wants to chew on an ice cold teething ring but it was reduced so drastically that I thought I might be dreaming. No more late nights, no more desperately giving her teething toy after teething toy, no more crying while she cries--just a calm, happy baby who resembled her old self again. When I look at her smiling face, one thing is for sure: it would not be possible without that amber teething bracelet.

Amber Teething Bracelet

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