My Experience Using An Amber Teething Necklace

My Experience Using An Amber Teething Necklace

Thank you to Fiona Green for sharing your story!

Teething babies are miserable and loud something no parent wants to see or deal with for very long. If you want to know how my first child and I beat his teething problem head on with amber teething necklaces, read on to hear my story.

Teething: A real pain in the GUMS!

I never knew that teething was going to be such a pain in the well, “gums.” I read the books, listened to advice from my experienced mom friends and nodded along, but I didn’t understand just how painful and uncomfortable teething would be for my little Sam until he was screaming to high heaven with tears streaming down his cheeks while I frantically waved a teething toy at him. No dice. Cold teethers weren’t working. Pressure on his gums wasn’t working. The only thing that briefly soothed him was a round of “Wheels on the Bus” bouncing on my knee, but that respite didn’t last for very long.

I tried everything I could think of, especially when both Sam and I were losing sleep and maybe a bit of sanity over his teething troubles. Nothing seemed to work or if it did, it didn’t last long enough to make a difference.

Amber teething necklaces? Why not!

Raw Amber Necklace

I’ll admit that I’m not normally one to look for “natural” solutions. Some of my friends are, and I remembered one of them telling me I ought to buy Sam an amber teething necklace before he even started teething so I would be ready. I politely nodded and promptly ignored her because, well, who needs jewelry to deal with teething?

It turns out that my stance on trying natural remedies can be easily broken by 3 days of a miserable infant with teething pain that just won’t let up. I ordered an amber teething necklace with fast shipping (why make him wait, even if there was a chance it might not work?) and hoped for the best while realistically assuming the worst. When it arrived, it came with a simple guide on how to use it: have my baby wear the necklace under supervision as much as possible, take it off while he sleeps to avoid a safety hazard, and soon his teething pain will subside. Easy-peasy.

A light at the end of the tunnel...

I won’t say that the amber teething necklace was a miracle that completely took away his teething pain altogether. But I will say that within 3 days, Sam was no longer screaming around the clock due to his teething pain. He wasn’t crying out while pushing at his gums in the hopes of getting relief. He wasn’t sobbing over a teether while I tried to rub his back in comfort. He was simply… being Sam. Smiling. Wanting me to sing songs. Playing with his favorite Stuffy Bear. The days of tears from both of us were finally over.

If I could do anything different, it would be listening to my friend who suggested buying Sam an amber teething necklace before he even started teething. It would have saved both of us our sleepless nights!

Happy Baby

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