My Favorite Gift As A New Mom Was An Amber Teething Necklace
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My Favorite Gift As A New Mom Was An Amber Teething Necklace

January 23, 2019

Thank you to Elizabeth Thomas for sharing her story!

As a new mom, I got a lot of gifts. And as my little girl Lilly gradually goes through those last weeks of teething, I can say one thing for sure: my favorite gift as a new mom, hands-down, as an amber teething necklace.

The Teething Basket of Shame:

I couldn’t believe it. Lilly had only gnawed on the teether for a few minutes when she’d thrown it aside and began crying again. I offered her a wooden teething ring and she batted it away. I even held up one of her tried and true favorite teethers—a little squeaky penguin with bumpy arms she usually loved to chew on and to no avail she threw that away. I tossed Mr. Penguin, along with about a dozen other teethers, into what my husband and I now called the “teething basket of shame.” No matter what we did, we could only seem to find teething remedies that lasted for a few minutes.... if we were lucky!

I had thought about using over the counter pain medication for her teething pain, but the idea of risking the potential side effects that come along with using that type of medication in infants just didn’t sit well with me. She didn’t have a fever, she wasn’t sick, she was just in pain!

How My Friend’s Facebook Post Changed My Life (And My Baby’s, Too!)

One day, I found myself browsing my Facebook dashboard and came face to face with the post that would change my life. One of my friends, an experienced mom with 2 kids already under her belt, made a post talking about a new mom she’d seen struggling at the store with a teething baby.

Like my Lilly, this baby would not be soothed by teethers no matter how squeaky. My friend said that’s when she recommended a very specific remedy for baby teething pain: Amber Teething Necklaces. They were safe (when supervised by a responsible parent), they were effective, they were natural, and best of all the effects lasted a lot longer than a frozen teething ring.

Raw Amber Teething Necklace

I quickly tapped out a reply “Just how do I get one of these things?” and a day later found my friend at my doorstep with a hastily wrapped, brand new amber teething necklace she’d purchased as an extra when her son was teething.
Relief, Relief, Relief at Last!

(The amber necklace was a "raw honey necklace - screw clasp and 12.5") 

I followed the instructions carefully - always supervise babies wearing the necklace and don’t let them sleep with it on - This is common sense however I had read stories of babies pulling off their necklace and virtually they all occurred when unsupervised. 

It was only about 2 days before I noticed some serious changes in the level of her pain. She was no longer crying for an hour straight. She was no longer tossing her teethers aside, in fact, the amber teething necklace seemed to reduce her pain so much that she needed a teether at all!

I know that Lilly and I couldn’t have made it through teething without the wonderful gift of an amber teething necklace. If you’re a new mom, don’t wait until your baby is crying in pain to get one buy it early so you’ll be ready when those tell-tale teething pains start.

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