Organic Baby Food For Your Growing Baby

My Favorite Natural and Organic Baby Food

There are a lot of things most parents don’t realize about raising a child until it’s upon them and I was one of those parents who was unprepared for what ended up being an important decision. Namely: what do I feed my baby once they’re old enough to eat something besides breast milk and formula? To be honest, I hadn’t thought too much about what I would feed my baby at these stages before I was already thinking way down the line to the nutritious lunches that I would pack each day before school. But what you feed your baby at this early stage is just as critical for their development. So I went on a mission to find baby food that was organic and natural. (in other words, food without tons of added sugar and ingredients that are all to common in a lot of baby food brands)

Organic Baby Food
Now that some time has passed and I’ve tried many different types of natural and organic baby food, I’ve discovered a few natural and organic baby food brands that are nutritious, organic, and best of all, taste so good that my son can’t get enough of them. The following are my favorite natural and organic baby foods that I would recommend to all parents.

Earth's Best: Organic Whole Grain Rice Cereal

My son didn't really like most of the rice-based cereals we tried, but he couldn't get enough of the Earth's Best brand. It's unsweetened, unsalted, and is made with whole grain brown rice. It's also got iron and B-vitamins, so it’s not just an empty filler food. What I especially love about this plain, no-frills rice cereal is that it doesn’t rely on a bunch of sugar or other additives, and instead has a simple but wholesome taste.

Peter Rabbit Organics Fruit & Vegetable Puree

One of the things I worried about with my son was not getting enough vegetables in his diet. This was solved when I found the Peter Rabbit Organics Fruit & Vegetable puree line. Each product in this line combines fruits and vegetables to ensure that babies are getting the nutrients they need from wholesome vegetables, not just sweet (and, admittedly, delicious!) fruits. The recipes don't have any added sugar or salt, and they're sold in resealable pouches, so they're perfect for traveling and diaper bags. My son's favorite is the carrot, squash, and apple; as well as the beet, carrot and pear recipe. The Peter Rabbit Organics line also has vegetable-only and fruit-only pouches.

Natural Baby Food

NurturMe Organic Quiona-Cereal

This is the only other cereal that my son adores, and I think it's because each food in the line combines quiona with another natural ingredient. The line currently includes apple, raisin, sweet potato and banana. My son prefers the sweet potato and banana flavors the best. While my son doesn't have allergies, the Nurtur Mean Organic Cereal line doesn't have any egg, dairy, soy or gluten, so it's a great option if your baby has allergies.

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