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Natural Remedies For Adult Pain Free Living

No one wants to suffer through pain, but if you’re like many adults, you don’t want to turn to painkillers and other medications which can range from being addictive to causing unpleasant side effects to simply being ineffective. Thankfully, there are many natural remedies for pain that are relatively inexpensive and--most importantly--effective for many kinds of pain. Let’s take a closer look at 4 of the best natural remedies for pain, to help you on your way to adult pain-free living.

Massage and Acupuncture:

Never underestimate the power of a professional massage. Massages aren’t meant to just be relaxing, although the extreme relaxation that comes with a good massage can certainly make you feel good. Massages can actually physically relieve tight and tense muscles which cause you pain, and help ease pain caused by conditions such as arthritis and inflammation. You should always consult with the massage therapist to ensure that they know you’re seeking a massage for pain relief so that they can best direct the massage towards that goal.

Like massage, acupuncture is a natural remedy that can ease or even eliminate certain types of pain, depending on the source and strength of the pain. Always consult with an acupuncture therapist in order to help them determine the best course of acupuncture therapy for your pain.

Massage and Acupuncture

Amber Jewelry:

You have probably seen at least a few babies wearing these now-iconic amber necklace, but did you know that they are also designed for natural adult pain relief? Amber is tree resin which contains succinic acid; this succinic acid, when absorbed through the skin, results in an analgesic--pain relieving--effect. In babies, this effect is used to relieve teething pain, but it can be used to relieve all sorts of pain in adults.

You can find adult amber jewelry in various forms, with the most popular being amber necklaces and amber bracelets. It can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks to feel the full effects of the succinic acid, but the natural pain relief they bring is well worth the wait.

Amber Necklace For WomanCapsaicin:

If you’ve ever bitten into a spicy pepper, you’ve already experienced the power of capsaicin. Capsaicin naturally occurs in chili peppers and causing a burning sensation which, while not so nice on the tongue and month, is excellent for relieving pain naturally. Capsaicin is a chief ingredient in many pain relieving creams, but if you want to go for the most natural route, look for concentrated capsaicin cream. Capsaicin is best for relieving pain from arthritis and certain types of inflammation. Most people find capsaicin to be the most effective at relieving flare-ups due to the immediate nature of the pain relief.

Capsaicin: and spicy pepper

Heat and Ice Packs:

Heat and ice have been used as pain relief for thousands of years. Cold packs can be used to reduce inflammation pain, reduce swelling, and help numb the area.And heat works best at soothing and easing tense and tired muscles.

Heat and Ice Packs
Final Thoughts

Pain relief doesn’t have to mean reaching for pills--if you use the above natural remedies for pain, you’ll be leaving a pain-free life in no time.

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