Amber Teething Necklace

Our Experience Using Amber Teething Necklaces with Our Twins:

At Powell’s Owls we receive awesome emails from our customers on a daily basis telling us their stories about using amber teething necklaces for their teething kids. Today we interviewed Adam and Sarah on their experience and how they coped when their twins began teething at the same time.

Before we begin, your twins just turned one a couple of weeks ago. How is life?

When my wife and I find out we were having twins we could never have imagined how our life was going to be turned upside down (for the most part in a good way :)) We had imagined that having twins, the kids would do everything together such as eating, sleeping etc. How wrong we were! When one child is sleeping the other child is eating. It never seems like we can get them both on the same schedule! The first year has definitely been challenging however we have loved the journey so far.

Why did you turn to using Amber Jewelry as your teething solution?

My wife and I are extremely health conscious and when either of our twins are sick or under the weather, we do everything we can to bring relief without the use of medicine or drugs. These days there seems to be a medicine/drugs for EVERYTHING and we decided as parents that when possible we would avoid using medicines with our kids. When our kids began teething we searched for alternates to standard teething medicine and came across Baltic amber. My wife was skeptical at first however after speaking with several other mothers who had seen success using amber we decided to give it a go. We purchased a raw amber necklace for our son and as our daughter suffers slightly from eczema and was also teething at the time we bought her an amber Hazelwood necklace. (Hazelwood works great for teething and other symptoms such as eczema)

Amber Hazelwood Necklace

What results did you see and how long did it take?

Our kids wore the necklaces during the days. We would take them off to sleep or when unsupervised. With our son we saw immediate results. It was seriously amazing! All of a sudden we saw a complete difference in his mood and behavior. The drooling literally stopped. Even when he is gnawing on something, drool wasn’t running down his face and all over his clothes. We were able to do basic activities such as cooking, watching TV without him screaming and he was happy to play with his toys without needing us to comfort him. With my daughter the effects of the amber took longer. After a week of seeing no difference and having terrible side effects from teething (no sleeping, crying etc), it begun to relieve her pain, reduce her swollen gums and eliminated the drooling which helped with her sleeping.

Raw Amber Teething Necklace
Final recommendations to other parents thinking about trying amber?

100% give it a go. You have nothing to lose! It may not work for every child but it worked for ours and we couldn’t be happier. My advice is to be patient. Although it worked almost immediately with my son it took longer with my daughter. Both our kids still wear their amber necklace on a daily basis. Plus it looks super cute!!

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