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Powell’s Owls Favorite Baby Shower Gifts

Baby showers are a fun, exciting experience for both the expecting mother and her friends and family who have gathered together to celebrate an upcoming addition to their lives. There are many different ideas out there for baby shower gifts, ranging from traditional to silly and everything in between. If you want to give the mother-to-be something truly special at the baby shower, take a look at the following best baby shower gifts for 2018 as nominated by the baby shower experts at Powell’s Owls!

Milestone Blocks:

You’ve seen them on Instagram, Facebook or other social media—milestone blocks are special block sets designed to be photographed (usually with the baby in frame) after certain milestone events. Milestone block sets usually include enough number and word or phrase blocks to allow for milestones like the baby’s age in weeks (5 weeks, 24 weeks, etc) as well as a year block if you want to keep track of the baby’s milestones when they’re a bit older.

“Shoe” Socks:

Many newborn babies aren’t going to be wearing shoes in the near future. “Shoe” socks are socks designed to look like shoes and come in a variety of cute and interesting styles, ranging from ballet slippers to tennis shoes to cowboy boots and everything in between. Parents will love how cute they look on their new baby, and babies will love keeping their feet nice and warm!

Unique Baby Books:

The mother-to-be will probably receive her fair share of books at the baby shower. But when it comes to picking out books as a gift, you’ll want to avoid the classics. Why? Because those are the books that most people have already picked out as presents ,and there’s no use in gifting the mother-to-be her 5th copy of “The Very Hungry Caterpiller.” Instead, look for unique books that don’t have as much traction in the baby book sphere yet. You can often find unique books at bigger retail sites like Amazon, as opposed to physical shops where the stock is often limited to what is best selling.

Baby Food Processor/Maker:

While many parents still purchase pre-made baby food, many new parents would rather make their own food to save themselves money—and to make sure they can prepare healthy meals for their baby that aren’t stuffed full of sugar and salt. A baby food processor/maker will let the mother-to-be whip up baby food in a manner of seconds, and for a much cheaper price than if she were to buy jars of baby food at the store.

Stylish Diaper Bags:

Everyone needs a diaper bag, but no one wants to lug around an ugly, plain bag that all but screams “diaper bag!” on the front. You can find lots of stylish diaper bags in cute or even chic styles that are sure to be appreciated by any expecting mother.

Travel Changing Mat: 

No one wants to change their baby directly on a bathroom changing station or outside bench at the park. A travel changing mat will let the mother-to-be change her baby without having to worry about germs or dirt.

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