Teething products for your teething baby

Teething Relief Products for Your Teething Baby

Teething is never a fun experience for a baby and it’s not great fun for parents, either, who must deal with an uncomfortable baby who can’t seem to be soothed due to the pain and discomfort associated with the teething process. If your baby is teething or will be teething soon, you’re probably wondering: what are the best teething relief products out there? Look no further than this handy guide that will tell you all about the very best teething relief products for your baby.

Teether Rings:

Simple teether rings that can be stuck in the fridge or freezer for a short time are a classic teething relief product for a reason: the coldness combined with the harder texture of the teething ring provide both cold and pressure related pain relief for infants with sore gums. Teether rings come in all sorts of shapes and colors; look for one that can be easily gnawed on by your baby, and one made from material designed to be chilled in the fridge or freezer for maximum pain relief.

Teething Rings

Powell’s Owls Ultimate Teething Gift Set:

The Powell's Owls Ultimate Teething Gift Set is the Rolls Royce of teething relief. It contains everything your baby needs be soothed and find relief from teething-related aches and pains. This ultimate gift set includes an amber teething necklace, an amber teething bracelet, a teething mitten, as well as a bonus free silicon teething pendant. Amber teething necklaces are a great natural way to relieve your baby’s teething pain without having to resort to medications; best of all, the effects are long-lasting and provide relief by attacking the source of most teething pain (i.e.: inflamed gums) rather than simply masking the pain.

Teething Gift Set

Sophie La Giraffe Teether:

Sophie La Giraffe is one of the most popular teething toys out there due to its unique and memorable design and its effectiveness as both a teether and a toy. (This teether toy squeaks, which helps provide a fun welcome distraction for infants in the throes of teething. 'Sophie' is made from 100% rubber, so make sure that you never immerse it in water or rinse it off in the sink; when you need to clean 'Sophie,' carefully clean her with a damp cloth and dry thoroughly.

Sophie La Girafe

Hevea Panda Teether:

This is a simple, interesting teether that works on multiple levels the multiple textures provide varied types of relief for teething infants; the colorful animal-based design will keep them interested; and the 1-piece design makes it easy to clean and store. And since it is made from all-natural rubber, it can be stuck in the fridge to cool it down in order to provide additional teething pain relief.

Hevea Panda

Amber Teething Jewelry:

If you’d rather stick to solo jewelry without the excellent ultimate teething gift pack, you can always purchase an amber teething necklace, amber teething bracelet or amber anklet on its own. Amber teething jewelry isn’t meant to be chewed on. Instead, it reduces teething pain by attacking teething pain at its source: inflamed gums. Your baby will find long-lasting and fuss-free relief with amber teething jewelry.

Amber Teething Bracelet

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