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Amber Bracelets - A Great Way To Treat Teething Pain

The teething process in young infants can be extremely uncomfortable, and parents should be aware of the various alternatives that exist that could alleviate this pain. The good news is that a centuries-old treatment for this teething pain is now widely available to parents everywhere: an amber teething bracelet.

Amber Teething Bracelet
The key to understanding the benefits of this amber teething bracelet starts with the amber. The very best quality amber – known as Baltic Amber (named for its source, Europe’s Baltic region) – has a well-known analgesic effect on swollen, sore gums. In other words, if the little one starts showing signs of teething, simply wearing an amber teething bracelet can help to diminish – or even eliminate entirely – the source of this discomfort.

Even though the process of getting your little ones to stop crying as a result of wearing a simple bracelet might sound magical, there’s actually a lot of science that explains just exactly how this amber teething bracelet works. Within amber is a safe, naturally occurring substance known as Succinic Acid (sometimes referred to as Succinate) that can be absorbed by the body. The body heat of your infant is enough to heat up the amber, releasing the beneficial amber oil into the bloodstream. And, so, as soon as the oil has been fully absorbed, it will have a soothing effect on swollen gums. In fact, the healing effect can be so significant that many women and men wear adult amber bracelets of their own, to prevent the onset of pain from conditions such as arthritis.

When looking for Baltic amber teething bracelets, there are so many different colors to choose from! You can focus on those bracelets that are slightly yellowish in color such as a very light butter color to a darker honey color or darker colors such as cognac or cherry.

Amber Teething Bracelet

And, of course, you can combine an amber teething bracelet with an amber necklace if your young one is really in extreme discomfort. Since amber works by releasing the amber oil into the skin and the bloodstream, it only makes sense that the closer that you can get the amber to the source of discomfort, the greater will be the healing effect in that localized area. Thus, as you might imagine, wearing a necklace could greatly amplify the effect of just wearing a bracelet.

Just one thing to keep in mind – it’s important for the amber to actually be touching the skin for it to work its magic. Remember, it works by being absorbed into the bloodstream, and if your little one is wearing any clothing under the bracelet, it might not work as intended.

Amber Teething Anklet

So, if your young ones are feeling the onset of teething pain, a centuries-old solution might be the answer to your problems. A Baltic Amber teething bracelet is not only proven to reduce pain and irritation, it also looks beautiful and quite stylish on both young boys and girls.

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