History of Baltic Amber beads and jewelry

The History and Origins of Baltic Amber

Baltic Amber has been used for centuries in healing. It’s a “fossil resin” and organic substance produced from northern European pine trees. It’s popular in ornaments and jewelry because of its beautiful glistening styles, but has also been added to medicinal ingredients to promote healing. A Baltic amber necklace is one of the most common items used to help soothe pain and improve health.

A Baltic amber teething necklace is now one of the more popular items for new parents. It’s a natural way to help soothe the pain and discomfort of teething in babies and children.

What Is Baltic Amber?

Amber is made up of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen. It is also about 8% succinic acid, which is one of the more important elements for the healing process and is why it’s sometimes known as Succinite. However, it also has a mixture of iron, potassium, and sodium that helps.

Baltic Amber

While amber can come from other parts of the world, the Baltic region has one of the largest deposits in the world. There is amber that is more than 44 million years old and the area is now responsible for creating 100,000 tons or more of the precious gem.

At one time, the amber was thought to come from Pinites succinifer tree resin. By 1980s, researchers found that the resin comes from many other species, too. It is one of two gems that is created from vegetative origin and not mineral. Diamonds are the other.

In the past, amber was a form of payment for many items. It was routinely turned into jewelry, which could then be used to trade and sell. It was highly popular around the Baltic Sea area, since it was so much easier to come by than other items.

Healing Properties of Baltic Amber:

A Baltic amber necklace is known to help soothe pain, improve circulation, and even heal wounds. However, it’s not always be used in necklace form.
The Ancient Romans would use Baltic amber to protect against disease, and it was believed to help cure sore throats, ear and eye problems, and stomach complaints. Many also believed that it would prevent madness! The Persians would melt the amber into a liquid to turn it into a syrup to prevent and stop spasms, while the alchemists of the Middle Ages would treat jaundice with the succinic acid properties. This succinic acid now tends to be extracted to be used directly and it is popular for anti-aging medicine.

Baltic Amber Region

Baltic amber has also been used to fight off the supernatural. In World War I it was used with vodka to improve sexual potency. During World War II, the Germans would use amber to help reduce pain when cutting teeth. This is where the idea of a Baltic Amber teething necklace has become popular.

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