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The Truth About Teething And How I Survived

At Powell's Owls we love getting to know our customers and hearing their stories. Many times how a person was able to cope during the teething process can help other parents who are experiencing the same thing. No matter your child one thing is guaranteed. They will experience teething at some point in their life!

Today we spoke to Amanda Stein about her experience when her daughter Emily went through teething and how she survived!

Your daughter is now 16 months. Tell us how you survived during her early stages of teething:

Teething BabyAs any parent would understand, when you have a new born child this child becomes your life. Their pain is your pain and when they are suffering due to teething you want to try and do anything you can to relieve the pain. Initially when our daughter's first teeth appeared at 3 months of age she displayed all the "typical" signs of teething such as irritability, increased drooling, chewing behavior and trouble sleeping. Having spoken to many friends about teething and hearing their horror stories we were ready with multiple different remedies! Being prepared and ready to tackle teething head on was key to surviving.

What did you do to be so prepared?

Although my husband and I didn't want to be using chemicals/drugs on our daughter, we decided that we would look to find natural solutions to assist during the day and combine those natural solutions with infant Tylenol and maintaining a bedtime routine at night. When it comes to teething we decided that there was no "one" solution and decided that we would use multiple remedies and see which ones worked best.

What did you choose?

We selected three different teething tools including Sophie La Girafe, a teether giraffe, teething keys that also stimulated Emily with the jingling of the keys and the Powell's Owls Amber Teething Necklace  (we chose the Rose Quartz Amber Necklace because we loved the color and it looked really cute). In addition we also used homemade popsicles, chamomile tea on washcloth (my mothers "magic" remedy) and frozen spoons. At night time we would double wrap the amber necklace under Emily's sock and also use the Tylenol as necessary. 

How did it all work out?

I would be lying if I said that everything went completely smoothly, however overall we survived! My advice to other parents out there is to be prepared. Just because one type of teething solution may have worked on a child doesn't mean it will work on yours. Our daughter loved playing with the teething keys however barely touched or used the teething giraffe. The Amber Necklace worked for us however we have friends who used the same necklace without success. Keep an open mind to new products and good luck!

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