Activities to do at home during Covid and quarantine

Things To Do In The House For Families With Toddlers During Quarantine

Quarantine can be a very difficult time, especially if you have a toddler or two in your family. However, there are many things that you can do in the house when you are in quarantine with your toddler. The following are some great ideas for things to do in the house for families with toddlers during quarantine.

Create a unique fort using materials from around the house

Forts are always fun! You can make the fort a day long activity by starting to create one in the morning using materials from all around the house. Look for boxes, chairs, sheets, pillows; make the fort as complex as you can, and feel free to add to it throughout the day. Then the fort can be played in throughout the day, used as a nap nook, and anything else you can imagine.

Play “the floor is lava” and other classic childhood games

Quarantine is the perfect time to start playing “The floor is lava!” and similar classic childhood games. If you have ever wanted to teach your toddler about these fun and simple childhood games, start slowly with something like “The floor is lava!” and work your way up to your other favorites.

Have a book party

If your toddler loves books, then quarantine is the perfect time to indulge in a book party. A book party isn’t just reading a book, it’s making a great big event out of reading. Set up a special reading space where you, your toddler and everyone else in the family can join in. Make sure there are plenty of pillows, blankets, and snacks! Then pick out your favorite book (or books!) and start reading.

Host a “family slumber party”

Quarantine can be stressful, but that just means you need to take the time out of your day to help everyone relax. One way you can make a quarantine situation less stressful is by hosting a family slumber party. Break out the sleeping bags and inflatable air mattresses and create a slumber party in your room or if it’s big enough, the living room. Make sure to have traditional slumber party activities on hand, such as DIY sundaes and telling not-so-spooky stories with a flashlight.

Bake something together

Baking can be a fun--and messy--bonding experience. Take the time during quarantine to get your toddler interested in baking. Cakes, cookies, and brownies are all simple baked goods you can make with your toddler during quarantine.

Start a puzzle that you’ve never done before

Puzzles are a great way to eat up hours of your time, something you will definitely need to do once quarantine boredom sets in. Look for a puzzle that your toddler can help with--avoid puzzles with tiny pieces and instead opt for large family puzzles that toddlers can enjoy.

While quarantine can be stressful and boredom-inducing, just keep the above ideas in mind and your family will be having a blast in no time.

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