Tips on how to travel with a new baby

Tips and Tricks for Traveling with a New Baby

The prospect of traveling with a new baby can be very daunting. The image of trying to soothe a crying baby in the car or in a hotel hundreds of miles from home is not exactly a pleasant one. And while traveling with a new baby isn’t a walk in the park, there’s no reason it has to be unpleasant or daunting. Let’s take a closer look at some excellent tips and tricks to make travelling with your new baby much more relaxing.

Help your baby get comfortable by bringing personal items.

Whether you’re in the car, in the hotel, or at the beach, you’ll want to bring along some of your baby’s personal items to help them feel comfortable and relaxed. This is especially important for the hotel room, which will look and feel like a strange and unusual place for your baby. Items such as their favorite blankets, toys, a music box, or teething toys can help your baby feel more relaxed during the trip.

Take a few practice road trips to get your baby used to traveling in the car.

You should never travel for extended periods with your new baby on the first time around. Whenever possible, take your baby out for a few practice trips to nearby locations to get a better idea of how your baby reacts when they’re in the car. This will give you a better idea of what you need to bring or do in order to make longer travel easier.

Make a “travel pack” for older babies.

For babies from about 7 months and up, you’ll want to make a “travel pack” for the car, hotel, and wherever you’ll be visiting during your travel. A travel pack should contain safe toys (nothing with small pieces or that could present a choking hazard) as well as favorite snacks, extra cups, and anything your baby might need in the car. Make sure to keep this pack out of the baby’s reach while you are driving.

You can’t bring too many diapers or extra clothes.

Once you’ve packed diapers and clothes for your baby, go back and add a few more. You can never pack too many extra clothes or diapers when you’re traveling. It’s better to have an extra 15 diapers at the end than to have to stop at the store in the middle of a vacation.

Have one parent or familiar adult sitting next to the baby when driving (if possible).

If you’re traveling with your spouse or another adult who is familiar to the baby, you can make traveling to your destination much easier if that adult sits next to the baby in the backseat. If at all possible, have this adult sitting in the back with your baby to keep them company, soothe them if they get upset, and give them items from their travel pack.

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