the best amber bracelets to buy for a new toddler

Top 10 Amber Bracelets of 2021

At Powell's Owls we often get asked which is the most popular amber bracelets.

Below is our list of the 10 most popular bracelets purchased by our customers throughout 2021.

1) Raw Honey Amber Bracelet (Our best selling amber bracelet for 5 years!!!)

Raw Honey Bracelet

2) Raw Multicolor Amber Bracelet 

amber bracelet

3) Polished Cherry Amber Bracelet 

Cherry Bracelet

4) Cognac & Cherry Mix Amber Bracelet 

 Cognac and Cherry Bracelet

5) Raw Milk Amber Bracelet 

Raw Milk Bracelet

6) Honey Chakra Amber Bracelet 

Honey Chakra Amber Bracelet

7) Rainbow Amber Bracelet

 Rainbow Amber Bracelet

8) Honey Amber, Quartz, Pink Jade Bracelet

Honey Quartz Bracelet

9) Milk & Cognac Polished Amber BraceletMilk & Cognac Polished Amber Bracelet

10) Polished Cognac Amber Bracelet 

 Cognac Amber Bracelet

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