Amber Teething Necklace are amazing and they work

Top Five Reasons Why Amber Teething Necklaces Are Amazing

Amber teething necklaces are one of the most popular teething remedies in the world, thanks to an increase in social media that has led to widespread awareness about this amazing teething remedy. If you’re a new parent or soon to be parent who is worried about what to do when it comes time to deal with teething, worry no longer: take a look at these top 5 reasons why amber teething necklaces are amazing and you’ll be running to buy one yourself in no time!

Amber Necklace

#1: They are safe to use:

Amber teething necklaces are safe to use! There are no side effects associated with using them, unlike other teething remedies such as medication which need to be carefully monitored and can cause health problems in certain infants. You do need to practice common sense jewelry safety—such as not letting your baby sleep while wearing any Amber teething necklaces—but there are no side effects specific to the amber itself.

Teething Necklace

#2: They work using a naturally occurring compound:

One of the best things about Amber teething necklaces is that they work using a completely natural compound called succinic acid. Succinic acid is present inside the amber itself; when the amber comes into contact with warmth (in this case, warm skin!) then it secretes a trace amount of oil. The oil contains the naturally occurring succinic acid, which is a natural anti-inflammatory agent.

Baltic Amber

#3: They have a longer-lasting effect:

Traditional teething methods don’t work for very long. Medications only last for a short while before they need to be retaken and physical teethers only work for as long as they are being chewed on, and the relief they provide usually isn’t all-encompassing. Amber teething necklaces, on the other hand, have a long-lasting pain relief that relieves pain in a much fuller way by removing the source of the pain: inflamed gums.

Teething Necklace For Baby

#4: They can be combined with other teething remedies:

Amber teething necklaces can be used in combination with other teething remedies, which makes it ideal for infants with particularly stubborn pain—or infants who simply want the added relief that comes with chewing on something when their teething pain is at its worst. You can easily allow your infant to wear Amber teething necklaces while giving them a favorite teething toy to chew on for the best of both worlds.

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#5: They are cost effective and mess-free:

Think about how messy traditional teethers can be as they encourage the production of lots of messy drool that needs to be wiped up or even washed out of your child’s clothes. Amber teething necklaces, on the other hand, are completely mess free! And you won’t need to replace them time and time again, which makes them a cost effective solution for parents who want to save money.

Teething Necklace

If you are looking for a natural teething remedy that really works, is cost effective, and doesn’t come with harmful side effects then you should definitely consider picking up an amber teething necklace today.

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