Great Unique Baby Shower Gift Ideas For a New Mother

Unique Baby Shower Gifts For New Moms

Are you looking for a unique baby shower gift or just a gift for a special new mom in your life? Whether it’s your friend, sister, daughter or even your partner, giving the perfect gift to a new mom can help lighten her physical and mental load and best of all, brighten her day. The following are some ideas for unique gifts for new moms, whether you’re presenting them during the baby shower or you’re waiting until after her bundle of joy has already arrived.

Personalized baskets

No, not those gift baskets you’ll find pre-made at the supermarket or the baby store; truly personalized baskets are made by selecting each item that you want to put inside, buying an empty basket (or container for anyone who is wicker-avoidant) and wrapping it up yourself. Personalized gift baskets can be totally tailored to the new mom, so the best way to choose what’s inside the basket is to think about what they love and need now that they are a mother. Lotions and chapstick for dried skin and lips, a sleep mask for those daytime naps when the baby finally goes to sleep, and a CD with their favorite relaxing tunes are just a few ideas of what you could put inside your personalized basket. (If making a personalized basket is too hard we like the already made baby gift baskets at Munchin)

Baby Shower Gift Basket

Tickets or trips with babysitting coupons:

If there’s one thing that new mothers need, it’s a break. One of the most unique gifts you can give a new mother is the opportunity to take a little break down the line, once the baby is old enough to be separated for a few hours. To make the gift extra special, be sure to include a babysitting “coupon” from yourself so that the new mom doesn’t have to worry about paying for a sitter. You could buy them a gift card for movie theater tickets, an appointment at a local massage place, a gift certificate for their favorite restaurant--anything that you think will give them a much needed break.

Baby shower gift for new mom
Free meal offers:

As any new mother knows, the first few weeks after bringing him a new baby can be stressful and overwhelming. The last thing new mothers want to do is have to worry about dinner. For a truly unique and welcomed gift, offer up some free meals (dinner, lunch--or even breakfast) courtesy of yourself. This can be as simple as a “coupon” to come over and make dinner on a weekday or, if you aren’t culinary-included, a gift card to a delivery meal service.

free meals for a new mom

Personalized blankets and clothing

Never underestimate the power of a personalized gift, especially if it’s something for the baby, such as a personalized blanket, personalized onesie, and so on. A new mom will love the thought that goes into having something personalized for their newborn, especially if it’s warm pajamas or a blanket that their baby will go on to cherish once they’re old enough to snuggle.

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